This stunning cocktail ring features a whorl of silver wire on top. Shape the design as shown, or give it your own style by experimenting with twisting the wire.

Designer: Marie Lee Carter

Finished Size

m Materials

1 white freshwater pearl, 14-mm coin

16-inch (40.6 cm) length of 18- or 20-gauge round sterling silver wire (whichever will fit through the pearl's hole)

30-inch (76.2 cm) length of 24- or 26-gauge round sterling silver wire m Tools

Tape measure Flush cutters Bead reamer (optional) Flat-nose pliers Metal file Ring mandrel Plastic mallet

Tumbler with stainless steel shot or plastic pellets and dishwashing liquid niqu.es.

Coiling wire (page 24)

1. Measure and cut a 16-inch (40.6 cm) length of 18- or 20-gauge wire. Note: If you wish to use the thicker gauge for a more substantial look, use a bead reamer to increase the si/.e ol the pearls hole.

2. Use Hat-nose pliers to make a 90" bend about halfway down the wire. String on the pearl and slide it to the bend. Make another 90° bend on the other side ol the pearl. Use Hat-nose pliers to grasp the wire lA inch (6 mm) from the 90 bend on one side of the pearl. Make a 45" bend away from the pearl to secure ir. Make another - n' bend on the other side of the pearl (figure 1). Arrange the wire—now-called the base wire"—so it sticks straight out from rhe sides of the pearl.

3. Working on one side of rhe pearl, use your fingers or flat-nose pliers and the

24- or 26-gauge wire to make a tight

(depending on your desired ring si/.e)

around the heavier wire, ( .heck your

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