11 blue iris freshwater pearls, 7-mm potato

10 ivory freshwater pearls, 8-mm top-drilled potato

Approximately 82 midnight blue cylinder beads, regular (comparable to size 11° seed beads)

4 sterling silver Bali-style barrels,

12 x 16 mm

1 sterling silver seamless round, 3 mm

1 sterling silver 24-gauge head pin,

2 sterling silver crimp tubes, 2x2 mm

1 horn two-holed button, 3.2 cm

20-inch (50.8 cm) length of fine, flexible beading wire


Round-nose pliers Chain-nose pliers Wire cutters Clip or bead stopper Crimping pliers

^ Techniques__

Wrapped loop (page 27) Crimping (page 28)

# Instructions

Note: If you require a smaller bracelet size, simply reduce the number or size of beads for the final design.

1. Slide a blue pearl onto the head pin. Make a wrapped loop with a ^H-inch (3 mm) loop. Set the dangle aside.

2. Place a clip at one end of the beading wire. Siring on four cylinder beads, one crimp tube, and 20 cylinder beads. Pass the wire up through one hole of the button from back to front. String on the dangle created in the previous step so it slides over the cylinder beads. Pass down through the other hole of the button from Iront to back. Pass back through the crimp tube and the first four cylinder beads strung in this step so you have a '/2-inch (1.3 cm) wire tail exiting the last bead (figure l). Snug the beads and crimp the tube. Trim the excess tail wire. Remove the clip.

3. String on a sequence of one blue pearl and one cylinder bead four times. String on one blue pearl and one silver barrel. String on five ivorv pearls and one silver barrel. Repeat this step.

4. String on one seamless round, one crimp tube, and approximately 58 cylinder beads, or enough that when made into a loop the beads fit snuglv over the button. Pass back through the crimp tube, seamless round, and barrel bead to make a loop (figure 2). Snug the beads and crimp the tube. Trim any excess wire close to the beads.

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