8. Repeat steps l through ' to make the second earring.

For this elegant bracelet, you'll weave a combination of coin pearls, crystals, and silver spacers using ladder stitch. When you're finished, the coin shapes will lie like fallen dominoes.

Designer: Sandra Lupo

# Instructions


13 to 14 while freshwater pearls, 13-mm coin

1 white freshwater pearl bead, 8-mm round

72 clear crystal rounds, 4 mm

100 opaque white cylinder beads, regular size (compares to size 11°)

33 sterling silver spacers, 4-mm flat square

2 sterling silver 2 x 2-mm crimp beads

1 sterling silver crimp cover, 4 mm

45-inch (1.1 m) length of .012 silver-plated 19-strand flexible beading wire


Wire cutters (for cutting flexible wire) Crimping pliers Chain-nose pliers


Ladder stitch (page 30) Crimping (page 28)

1. Cut n inches (I. I m) of wire. String on the round pearl and slide it to the middle of the wire.

2. Pair the wire ends and string on one crystal, one spacer, and one crystal.

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