cm) long. Set aside.

Prepare the patina according to the manufacturers instructions. Dip the jump rings, head pin, clasp, chain, and wire into the patina. ()nce you reach the desired effect, remove the pieces and rinse with clear water. Let air dry on .t paper towel. Note: Pon t immerse the beads into the patina; it ma\ permanently remove the nacre on the pearls and mar the surfaces o! stones and other beads. Polish each piece of wire, chain, clasp, and head pin with a polishing pad or extra-fine steel wool to achieve an antique look.

Run each wire piece through the wire-straightening pliers. This straightens and tempers the wire at the same time, (air the wire into 3- to \ inch (".6 to 10.2 cm) pieces and set aside.

Slide a vinni crystal and an 8-mm pearl on the head pin. Form a simple loop to secure the beads. Pick tip one of the w ire pieces and make a wrapped loop at one end thai attaches to the simple loop you just created. String on one citrine nugget and form a wrapped loop to secure it (figure I). Set the dangle aside.

5. (air the chain remnants into pieces, each 1 to 2 inches (2.^ to 1 cm) long.

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