Measure 7 inches (lT.8 cm) down the 20-gauge wire length. Place the wire on the mandrel at that point, l ightly coil the longer end of wire around the mandrel (our times to make a ring base. Pass the wire through the ring base and wrap it around all tour wire rotations to secure the base. I his is the point where your ring top will sir.

Pass the 26-gauge wire through the ring base below the rings top point. Once you've reached the middle of the 26-gauge wire, make two wraps around the ring base (figure I).

String a pearl onto the 26-gauge wire. I lold the wire about Vi inch (1.3 cm) from the ring base and bend the wire down. Twist the wire onto itseli four to five times to make a stem (figure 2). Wrap around the base twice and make another pearl stem. Repeat one more time to make three pearl stems in all.

Coil the 7-inch (I 7.8 cm) end ol the 20-gauge wire two or three times around one ot the pearl stems and once around the ring base. Use the same wire to repeat for the other two stems.

5. ('reate a spiral on each end of the 20-gauge wire. Arrange the spirals so they are on different sides of the ring top.

6. Repeat step 5 using the 26-gauge wire. Arrange all of the spirals to your liking.

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