String one pearl on to a piece of 22-gauge wire. Slide the pearl to the middle of the wire and center a copper washer horizontally underneath the pearl.

Use your non-dominant hand to keep the pearl and washer in place as you grasp one-wire end and make a sharp bend down the side and underneath the washer. Use bent-tip chain-nose pliers to guide the wire up through the center of the washer (figure I). Make one tight wrap around the wire as in a wrapped loop (figure 2). Repeat this step for the other wire end. Finish seating the pearl by making a wrap with one wire end; repeat on the other side. Ibis will help you easily center rhe pearl inside the washer (figure 3). I rim any excess wire and use chain-nose pliers to tighten the wraps. Repeat with the remaining 22-gauge wire, washers, and pearls to make five beaded links in all. Set them aside.

Opening and closing rings (page 25)

6. Hammer each jump ring two or three times on its front and back. If the ring opens as yon hammer, gently reshape it using the same technique as for opening and closing jump rings. Set the jump rings aside.

7. Straighten and polish the 3-inch (7.6 fjg 4 cm) length of 16-gauge wire cut in step 5. Use round-nose pliers to form a '/i-inch (6 111111) loop at one end. Shape the center of the wire over the dowel in a U shape. Form another, slightly smaller, loop on the straight end of the wire (figure 4). I Jammer this wire fish-hook clasp to flatten and harden the metal.

8. Position the beaded links on the work surface so the 22-gauge wires line up. Use two jump rings 10 attach 1 he large loop of the clasp to the left side of the first beaded link, one jump ring on each side of the wrapped loop.

9. Attach two jump rings to the right side ol the previous beaded link. Open two more jump rings and use them to connect the two jump rings just added and the left side ol the next beaded link in the line up. Repeat until you've attached all the links. Finish by adding one

jump ring to the left side of the last link.

5. Cut a 3-inch (7.6 cm) length of 16-gauge wire and set it aside. I Jse the rest of the 16-gauge wire to make I4) jump rings in all. If you have extra jump rings, select only the roundest ones lor this project.

Delicate pearl bouquets make wonderful adornments for any lobe. Create these earrings by linking beaded dangles to a short chain.

Designer: Lisa M. Call

# Instructions

Finished Size


2 white freshwater pearls, 5 x 7-mm top-drilled teardrop

2 white freshwater pearls, 5-mm keishi

2 white freshwater pearls, 5-mm round

2 mauve freshwater pearls, 5-mm button

2 peach freshwater pearls, 5-mm button

2 mauve freshwater pearls, 4-mm round

2 white freshwater pearls, 4-mm button

2 peach freshwater pearls, 3-mm round

2 white topaz or quartz faceted rondelles, 3 mm

14 sterling silver 24-gauge head pins, V/2 inches (3.8 cm) long

2 sterling silver 24-gauge ball-end head pins, V/2 inches (3.8 cm) long

2 sterling silver lever back or French hook earring findings

2-inch (5.1 cm) length of 2.5-mm oval link sterling silver chain

9-inch (22.9 cm) length of 26-gauge sterling silver wire

1. Can the chain into two 1-inch (2.5 cm) pieces. Set aside.

2. Cut two 4'/2-inch (1 1.4 cm) pieces of wire. Set aside.

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