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Make this easy necklace much as you would a wreath for your door. Except you get to show off this wreath wherever you go.

Step 1s Choose a large leaf bead for the center front of the necklace. String this bead and slide it to the center of one 3-yard length of 26-gauge wire. Twist the wire for '/s-'/(", down close to the bead. Make the twist by holding the two pieces of wire with one hand and the leaf bead with the wire through it in the other hand. Continue adding beads, or multiple bead clusters, to each end of the wire. Add the beads close together and twist after adding each one (Figure 1).

After every two or three beads or clusters, twist the individual twists together to give the piece body and get the twists close together. After completing l"-2" of twists, decide which side of the group of twists will be the front of your necklace and arrange the twists so the beads are all facing up. You have now completed the focal section of the necklace.

Step 2: Add the second piece (2 yards) of wire by twisting the middle of it around the wire directly above the focal section of the necklace. Split the four pieces of wire so that two will go up each side of the necklace (Figure 2).

Continue adding beads or bead clusters, twisting after each one, until the necklace is the desired length. Consider spacing the twisted beads in the strap section farther apart than the ones in the center focal section.


If you have trouble twisting, try a needle-nose pliers. Hold it gently because twisting the wire too tightly will break the wire. If your wire does break, wrap the broken end around the adjacent wrapped bead stem. Lay the remaining piece of wire back about V" from the wrap and twist it securely around the stem of several wrapped beads, then continue as before.

Step 3: Switch from the wire twisting to the strung part of the necklace by making a cluster of twists and then finishing it with a small loop behind the cluster as close to the base as possible. Wrap the wire back around itself to secure and cut off the excess, making sure the ends of the wire are buried within the work. Cut a piece of Soft Flex the desired length to finish the necklace plus 2". String a crimp tube and pass through the loop you just created under the last cluster. Pass back through the crimp tube leaving a V" tail. Use the crimping pliers to flatten the crimp tube. Arrange the twisted clusters so they cover the crimp tube. String beads to the desired length, being sure to cover the tail wire at the beginning of the strand. Attach a clasp the same way you attached the Soft Flex to the loop below the cluster being sure to put the split ring onto the Soft Flex loop before you fasten the crimp. Attach your clasp to die split ring. Repeat for the other side.

Doris Coghiii has been working with seed beads for about nine years, but has been involved with some type of crafts all her life. She is currently busy with designing and teaching beadwork and working with her business, Dee's Place. She can be reached at

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