Neck Swap

Step 1: Using a yard of thread and leaving an 8" tail, make an 8-Delica ladder. Connect the ends to make a ring. Work one round of brick stitch with Delicas. Work one round of herringbone stitch with Delicas (Figure 1). You will have four herringbone columns from the 8 Delica beads.

Figure 1

Figure 1

Step 2: Work one round of herringbone stitch with size 1 l°s. After the first round, add a size 15° between each herringbone column (Figure 2). The hitchhiker is the size 15° bead in between each herringbone section. Work herringbone stitch, with the hitchhiker between each stitch, for eight rounds.

Step 3: After completing the eighth round, work the fust column, then skip the second column and work the third, using a hitchhiker bead between the columns. After working the third column, skip to the first column. Work this middle section of two columns for three rows.

Step 4: Increase back to four rounds of herringbone by "stringing 1 hitchhiker, 2 size ll°s, and 1 hitchhiker. Pass through the third column and work one stitch. Repeat from *, stitching into the first column. Work the second round using size ll's as the second and fourth columns. Work eight rounds.

Step 5:Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to complete 14 sections or 9".

Step ft Use the tail thread to string V" of gimp. Squeeze the first rounds together so that the bead you just exited is on the outside. Pass through the Delica directly opposite the bead you just exited. Pass up through the adjoining bead and string V" of gimp. Pass through the Delica directly opposite. Pass through all again to secure. Tie a half hitch knot between beads, pass through a few more beads, and trim the tail close to the work. Attach a jump ring to ail three lengths of gimp just added. Attach one side of the clasp to the jump ring.

Step 7: Repeat Steps 1-4 to create the other side of the strap.

Focal Section

Step 8: Create the final section by working a tube four columns wide in herringbone stitch off the end of your neck strap. Be sure to include the size 15° hitchhikers. Work the same amount for each strap so you will come up even when you insert the tube. Insert the tube in both ends and weave all four columns together around the tube. Sew two rubies in place where there is a space between the columns. Weave in the working threads, tie a half hitch knot between beads, pass through several more beads. Trim close to the work.

Award winning artist Judi Wood is a frequent contributor to Beadwork®. Her work and show information can be seen at

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