Crochet Rope

Step 1: Using a wire or needle, string beads on the crochet thread until you have at least 72" of beads. Remember that the first bead you string on the spool will be the last bead you crochet.

Repeat this step for the other end of the tube.

Figure 2

Read the stringing sequence either right to left starting at the top (the opposite direction we usually read), or left to right starting at the bottom. Pick one direction and be consistent or the pattern will not work: 8CCCCC, 88CCCC, 8C8CCC, 8CC8CC, 8CCC8C, 8CCCC8,8CCCCC.

Step 3: When you are V" to away from finishing the tube, use the tapestry needle to sew the eye part of an eye pin to the inside of the tube. Don't worry if it's not centered; it won't show later.

Continue to bead crochet until finished.

String a bead cap on the eye pin and create a hangman's noose loop to cinch up the slack. Trim off excess wire (Figure 2).

Add a small jump ring to the loop. Attach one end of the clasp.

Repeat this step for the other end of the tube.

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