Burying the mm ems

Step 4: Cut a 10" length of Nymo. Thread it through the needle and tie the ends with a square knot. Dab the knot with nail polish so it doesn't come undone. Allow to dry. Pass the needle and most of the thread through the bead so only a loop of thread is still extending. Place one of the cord ends through the loop then pull the loop through the bead (Figure 1). Do the same with the remaining cord end.

Figure 1

Make the final knot by doing the first half of a square knot, then passing the ends around the cord, and doing a complete square knot. Saturate the knot with glue. Clip the ends near the knot.

Diane Fitzgerald is a bead artist, writer, and teacher who iives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She can be reached at [email protected] net.

Figure 1

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