African Bead Designs

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134. Color choice and bead selection will determine the overall character of this versatile pattern. Necklace by Helen Banes.

Helen BanesHelen Banes

135. Untitled. A larger necklace for those who like to weave. The layering effect of the design could be executed in bright, medium and dark colors. Necklace by Diane Fitzgerald.

Helen BanesHelen Banes
136. Royal Pectoral. This bold pattern is somewhat more complex and does not require beads. The strong geometric pattern is shown to advantage with the striking colors used in the sample. Necklace by Helen Banes.
Fiber JewelryGeometrical Perler Bead Patterns

137. This necklace with its bold geometric motif was made to go with a jacket designed by Marian Gartler, using an African strip weave woven in hot magenta, yellow and green. Note that the extensions for the top tabs of the necklace must be added when redrawing the pattern. Match the arrows at "A" on the tab to the arrows marked "A" on the necklace. Necklace by Helen Banes.

Nigerian Neck Bead DesignsHelen Banes

138. This asymmetrical design, "Black Diagonal," was inspired by and woven to complement a striped jacket created by Tim Harding in his "slashed fabric" technique. Note that the striped beads from Lebanon carry out the striped theme. Necklace by Helen Banes.

Helen Banes

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Helen Banes
139. Thunderbird. The center shape is left plain so that a pin or pendant can be added at that point. Necklace by Helen Banes.
Helen Banes

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Fiber Jewelry
140. Le Grande Kahyle (Detail). This necklace tapers to a V-shape and a pendant and more beads could be added at the center of the V. Photo 1 on page iv shows the complete necklace. Necklace by Helen Banes.
Helen BanesNigerian Neck Bead Designs

141. Cloud Collar for Jadine. For this pattern, some warp threads are strung vertically and others are strung horizontally. With this warping method, a more smoothly curved outer edge may be achieved. (See also photo

142, page 112.) Necklace by Helen Banes.

Helen BanesNigerian Neck Bead Designs

142. Work in progress. Necklace by Helen Banes.

Coin Pendants Tray
148. Fish and coin jewelry from the Bedouin tribes of Israel. Top: silver fish pendant with niello design, worn to insure fertility. Middle: amulet case with hollow section to hold inscription from the Koran. Bottom: Bedouin necklace with fish and coins.

glass.) 1 have used the plastic trays found in candy boxes as a holder for beads, then framed the tray in a metal shadow-box frame. Mug or cup hangers hung on the wall allow strings of beads or necklaces to be hung and admired. Decorate a small Christmas tree with your favorite beads. Why not go wild? Fill a wonderful crystal bowl with Swarovski crystal beads in all colors and sizes. I sure you' 11 think of other ways to store and enjoy your collection.

Making Beads

If you don't have a good bead store where you live, if you want to save money on beads, or if you simply want to try your hand at making unusual beads, you may want to try one of the following techniques. The materials are inexpensive and the process can be a lot of fun for adults and children.

Wound Paper Beads

This is perhaps one of the simplest ways to make beads. My mother, who grew up on a farm, told me that she and her sisters used to make beads this way using pages from old catalogs. Heavy paper, leather, or anything that can be cut and rolled, can be used. Simply cut a triangle with a 3/4" base and a height of 2-1/2 to 3" from your chosen material. For a thicker bead, use a longer triangle. For a thinner one, use a shorter triangle. The thickness of your material will also determine how thick your bead will be. Roll the triangle around a round toothpick or piece of heavy wire, such as a coat hanger, beginning with the widest end. Glue the tip of the triangle in place.

Shapes other than triangles can also be used and each results in a different bead shape. Always begin winding with the widest end. After the glue has dried, slip the bead off the toothpick and coat it with clear fingernail polish, clear plastic spray, varnish or other clear coating or dip the beads in pure candle wax.

Paper Beads Shapes
Figure 24. Shapes for wound paper beads.

Several different shapes can be used. To embellish the beads further, try these ideas:

• Paint beads with watercolors, tempera paint or thick fabric paints.

• Wrap with thin wire, thread, yarn or other wrapping material and glue in place.

• Coat with glue or fingernail polish and roll them in glitter.

• Glue on dots, strips, stars or other shapes of contrasting paper or metallic paper.

• Attach feathers, sequins or bits of leather.

Dough Beads

2 cups of flour 1 cup of salt 1 cup of water

Mix the ingredients together and knead the mixture on a flour-covered board for a few minutes. Form into beads. (To make beads more uniform, roll the dough to a uniform 1/2" thickness, then cut into even squares.) Bake in the oven 1-1/2 hours at 250°. Paint with enamel, poster paints or water colors, then spray with clear acrylic varnish to seal the bead and give it a shiny finish.

Wire Beads

Wire comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses and for this reason works well for bead making. Plain, enameled or coated wire may be used. You should look for wire which is stiff enough to hold its shape well. Telephone cable is particularly fun to work with because it is possible to obtain cable with five to fifty multi-colored wires inside of it. Hardware and electronic stores are good sources of wire.

Cut the wire to the desired lengths for uniformity then wrap the wire around a toothpick, meat skewer, wooden bead or other item and tuck the ends into the center. Wrap two or more wires at the same time for a striped effect. Seed beads could be strung on the wire before it is wound to create other effects.

Wrapped Beads

Simple wooden beads can take on new elegance when wrapped with thread. Wrapping can coil around the outside of the bead perpendicular to the hole. Beads may also be wrapped by passing the thread through the hole again and again until the bead is covered. Glue ends with white glue.

Polymer Knot Fishing
149. Tibetan pendant with the Buddhist symbols of double fish and eternal knot, and coral and turquoise beads, two substances regarded as protection from illness.

Polymer Clay Beads

Polymer clay is a modeling compound which is easily shaped and baked in an oven. Although it was discovered early in this century in Germany, it has become popular in the United States only in the last five to ten years. The material comes in a wide variety of colors and can be mixed to make other colors. It is sold under such brand names as Fimo, Sculpey, Cernit and Modello. The clay must be kneaded to make it smooth and malleable. Some people use a pasta machine to do this. When the clay is workable, beads can be made using many of the old glass making techniques such as millefiori, and others. For further information on making beads with polymer clay, see 'The New Clay," mentioned in the Books section. (See Photos 150-153.)

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