By Diane Fitzgerald and Helen Banei


Introduction v

Foreword vi

Dedications vii

Acknowledgments ix

About the Authors xii

Chapter I. A Gallery of Necklaces 1

Chapter 2. Designing Your Own Necklace 33

Chapter 3. Weaving Your Necklace 55

Chapter 4. Patterns 73

Chapter 5. Finding or Making the Pcrfcct Beads for Your Necklace 113

Other Books and Publications 125

Bead Societies 127

Sources of Beads 128

Photo & Illustration Credits 129

Index 132

Helen Banes
4. Spirit Lock of Thailand by Helen Banes.

A Gallery of Necklaces

This chapter will show you the exciting range of artistry that has resulted from Helen Banes' technique. Both Helen's work, and that of her students are shown on the following pages, along with comments about the technique and the pieces. We begin with Helen's work.

Diane Fitzgerald

5. Homage to Maria Martinez by Helen Banes. Design inspired by the pottery of the San Ildefonso potter, Maria Martinez. The clay and Navaho silver beads relate to the Southwest Native American crafts.

I am often asked how I can bear to part with my necklaces when they have taken so much of my time. In response, my colleague, B.J. Adams, gave me this advice: "Allyou need is a good color photograph or slide so that you can refer to it when you want to recall the design or to use it for teaching purposes." I have taken her advice, and I also take a color photocopy of each piece, so that I have an exact copy of the scale and colors of the necklace. A photocopy will reproduce even the details of the beads.

- Helen Banes

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