Part IThe Knotted Rows

1. Using a single MH (Mounting Hitch) for each cord, attach 4 doubled lengths of Color A and 3 lengths of Color B to a jump ring. Alternate the colors in this way - Color A, B, A, B, A, B, A (see Figure I). Push all cords closely together.

If you are using a jump ring with a precut opening, make sure the opening is securely closed and concealed by the cords.

•Note - A Mounting Hitch is made by doubling a length of cord to create a horseshoe-shaped loop in the middle. Pass the loop up through the center of the jump ring and pull the ends of the cord through the loop and lighten.

I. Take one of the Color A cords (this will serve as your AC or Anchor Cord) and make a SLK (Slip Knot) approx. 2 -3" from one end. Pin the cord through the knot onto the board directly to the left of the first warp cord. Warp cords will refer to all of the cords that radiate outward from the jump ring like the spokes of a wheel (see Figure 2).

Double Half Hitch Dhh
Fig. 2

2. Bring the longer length of the AC to the right over the warp cords and working from left to right, knot all the warp cords onto the AC following the rounded arc of the jump ring. Repeat this pattern: 1st cord - DHH (Double Half Iiitch), 2nd cord - HH (Half Hitch), 3rd cord - DHH, 4th cord HH, etc. (see Figure 2).

•Refer to Figure 3 for a complete diagram of the remaining rows.

3. Bring the AC back around in the opposite direction (going right to left) and knot the warp cords onto the AC using all DHHs.

4. Bring the AC back around in the opposite direction (going left to right).

5. Make a DHH with the first three warp cords.

6. lake one length of Color C cord and attach it to the AC with a MH. Push it snug next to the previous knot. Note that on the large diagram, the new cords that are added with Mounting Hitches are represented as two side by side Ms.

7. Make DHHs with the next four warp cords.

9. Make DHHs with the next four warp cords.

10. Add a Color C cord using a MH.

11. Make DHHs with the remaining 3 warp cords.

13. Add a Color A cord using an MH.

15. Add a Color A cord using an MH.

17. The pattern for Row 6 is: 4 DHHs, 1 HH, 3 DHHs, 1 HH, 3 DHHs, 1 HH, 3 DHHs, 1 HH, 3 DHHs, 1 HH, 3 DHHs.

18. Finish the knotted portion with a row of all DHHs.

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