The Earring

The vertical cords of this earring are attached to a metal bar with a loop at center which holds the earring wire. You can use the bar portion of a toggle clasp as long as it's the correct length (3/4" to 7/8" long) (see Figure 1 A).

Another option is to make the components yourself out of wire (see Figure IB). You will need wire cutters, round nose pliers, a file or rotary tool for smoothing rough edges, a hammer, and a hammering block. It may help to practice with copper lirsl until you get it down.

Shaping a Finding from Wire -

1. Cut a 2" length of straight wire.

2. Grasp the wire at the middle with the pliers. Position the wire about one-third of the way down from t ie tip of the? round jaws. You don't want the loop to be too large (see Figure 2A on the next page).

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3. While holding the wire firmly with the pliers, bring the tips of the wire together and then pass one end over the other and pull the ends straight out to opposite sides. This forms a loop around the round jaw of the pliers.

4. Twist the wires together (see l igure 2B) by rotating the ends once so that they end up in the opposite direction (see Figure 2C). The ends should come straight out from the center (see Figure 1B).

5. I rim the ends off so that the bar is the proper length, approximately 7/8" across.

6. Place the wire on a hammering block and hammer it flat. Flatten each end so that it is slightly splayed.

7. Smooth the ends with a file, sand paper, or rotary tool.

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