Adding an Earring Back

For Post Style Earrings -

1. Cut a square piece of thin suede, ultrasuede or other non-fray lining for each of the earrings. Make the lining slightly smaller than the knotted portion of the earring so that it doesn't show when viewed from the front.

2. Poke a hole in the very center of each lining with a narrow embroidery needle. Set aside.

3. Put a small amount of Aleene's type glue on the top area of the metal earring pad that surrounds the post.

4. Thread the earring post through the hole on the wrong side of the lining and join the glued earring pad to the lining (sec Figure 15).

5. Cover the back of the joined earring pad/lining with E-6000 glue. Glue lining/pad to the back of the earring.





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For Earring Wires -

1. Open the bottom loop of an earring wire by moving the loop end to one side with pliers just enough to create an opening large enough to work with. (Don't deform the circle shape of the loop by pulling it outward).

2. Reopen the cord "loop at the top center MTK of the earring with «in embroiders needle. Pass the wire loop through the cord loop, making sure that the tip of the earring wire is facing towards the back (see Figure 16). Close the wire loop with pliers.

3. Cut a piece of suede or ultrasuede to tit the back of the knotted portion of the earring. Glue the lining to the back of the earring with a thin coat of Aleene's or similar glue-

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