Knotting Tips

1. Use a light colored background - Taping a sheet of white paper onto your Knotting Board will make it easier for you to see what you're doing.

2. The Zen of Pins - Don't use large pins, especially l-pins. Small standard sewing pins are best. I like the ones with the balls on the ends because they are easier on your fingertips. Pin your work to the board at a comfortable level so that your arms can move freely. Too high and your arms will gel tired, too low and they will be constricted. It may be necessary to reposition the work from time to time as you go along. Always keep the work pinned down very close to the area where you are knotting. The piece should not lift up off the board. Keeping your piece well-pinned will not only make it easier for you to work on, it will make the knotting neater and more uniform.

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3. Make each knot as tight and neat as possible, it may be necessary to retighten the knots as you go along «is some will tend to loosen up. I'ay extra attention to the tirst row of any piece as it will determine the width of the rest of the piece. Push all the knots as closely together as possible before going on to the second row.

4. Tape down loose cords. Keep any loose cords that aren't in use out of your way by bringing them off to the side and taping them down with masking tape or draping them over a pin. A good amount of your time will be spent just keeping all the cords organized, so make it easy on yourself.

5. Removing Knotting Mistakes

It you need to remove a knot, use a sharp embroider) needle (not a sewing pin) and gently "tease" the knot until it loosens up. Instead ot sticking the needle directly into the cord which can damage it, try to position it next to the cord in the middle of the knot and pull at the Knotting Cord until the knot starts to loosen. Tugging on the .Anchor Cord can also help to pull the knot loose. An embroider) needle gives you more leverage and is less likely to tear the cord than a sewing pin. Jeweler's tweezers or a beading awl can also be used to remove knots Removing knots takes patience, but if you aren't gentle you will damage the cord and it will show. If you are trying to undo a Double Half Hitch (DHHi or Vertical Double I lalf I fitch (VDHH), work first on loosening the second half ot the knot. In other words, since all DHHs contain two side by side HHs, loosen the second HH before trying to loosen the first. Once the second HH is loosened, the first HH can be loosened by pulling outward with the Anchor Cord.

6. Take Breaks - It's easy to get engrossed in your work but your body (and mind!) could use a break every once in a while. Get up and stretch, pet your favorite anin al, make some tea. IXvsn't that'feel better?

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