Fourtassel Variation

Wrap the rolled-paper head with a fine cotton yarn, using a needle and a very long thread—about 4 yards if you feel you can handle that long a length, and doubled if it is very fine. To start, hold the tail of the head firmly against the paper roll and drop the needle down inside the roll. Continue wrapping the yarn neatly around and around the roll. Finish the yarn off by tying it to the beginning tail.

Wrap the yarn around the skirt board, add a cord, and pull the hank through the hole as given in the instructions above Make bead collar to fit over the paper head, and four small ones for the extra tassels.

Divide the yam at the top of the tassel into four equal sections. Wrap each one with a smaller collar. Finish off the bead thread on each small tassel by sewing it into the bottom of the main tassel and back into the small tassel to secure them.

The top is finished off with a gold ring and a yarn-wrapped wooden bead

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