Lynn's braid

As 1 really dislike doing odd-count pey-ote on short rows, whenever I want a 3-bead strip, I make it according to diagram 1 below, picking up one bead on one side of the strip and two beads on the other.

When she was first experimenting with beading techniques. Lynn Horni-blow kept trying to figure things out without looking at book instructions Her attempt at 3-bead peyote turned out the braid shown in diagram 2. It is very flexible and you must keep the tension very tight as you are working it or the whole strip disintegrates! If, however, you can manage it. the result has a wonderful movement when hanging down tassel skirts—just as much, in fact, as strung beads but with more impact because it is wider


Pick up 5 beads on your needle and go back through bead 2. Pick up 2 more beads, skip 3, and go back through bead 4. Continue this row until the strip is long enough.

Keep the thread taut between two fingers of your left hand all the time you are working, and use a matching color thread as it is inclined to show between the beads.

Two tassels using Lynn's braid hanging down skirts. (Lynn Horniblow's is on the right.)

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