Bead Materials

Lots of bugles, beads, cylinders, triangles or any fancy beads, plus seed beads. The nicer the beads, the nicer the cord Make sure that the bugles do not have sharp edges or they will cut the sewing thread.

If you're using size 11 cylinder beads, you'll find that they often disappear into the hole of a larger bead, so add a size 11 seed bead between the two to act as a stopper.


Put a needle on the end of a very long thread, go through the hole in a bugle or a large bead and tie the two ends together at one end. leaving a 6-inch tail to finish off later.

Then pick up a grouping of 3 to 5 beads that match the length of the large bead or bugle, and take the needle through the hole again. Pick up the same combination of beads again and go through the hole.

I find that about a 5 or 6 grouping of beads is all that you can get through the hole before it is blocked up with thread Finally, string on some beads for spacers, then another large bead or bugle, and cover it again in the same way.

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