Amounts Needed

It's extremely difficult to judge how many beads you will need to do the projects given in this book because beads vary so much in size and shape. Also, the tension at which you work will probably be different from mine. The number of beads will depend, too, on whether you use a single color or a pattern of two or more colors together

I've written the instructions in such a way that you can use any type of bead— size 11 seeds or even smaller, tiny cylinders. or 3 cuts—and start off using beads you already have, so you won't have to rush out and buy some. All I can tell you here is that a simple tassel will use from 8 grams of seed or cylinder beads, and could need up to 30 grams—even more —if you want a multiple-beaded skirt and lots of decoration (Seeds are sold everywhere by the gram.) If you are going shopping for beads, buy more than you think you really need for a project, and then make a multi-colored braid, or cover a wooden mold, using the leftovers all mixed up together

Mixed-color seed and cylinder bead samples, and a small bag showing how transparent beads mix quite well. The yellow inner bag shows through the rainbow-netted outer layer and helps to blend the colors.

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