designed by Carol Ventura o crochet^?

Playful yet practical, this beaded handbag is fun to stitch and a delight to carry. If you are comfortable with the basics of conventional crochet, you're ready to learn the bead-tapestrv technique. For this project,you'll master adding beads to crochet stitches, switching between two working threads, and carrying one thread while working with another.


The purse is stitched as a spiral, so it can be difficult to tell where one round ends and another begins. To keep track, slip a safety pin or stitch marker into the top of the last stitch of each round or place a short piece of contrasting thread across the last stitch. Remove the marker as you come to it, and replace it at the end of the new round.

Read the editor's notes on page 120 for more helpful hints before you begin.


[1 ] String 5 ft. (1.5m) of color A 8" seed beads onto color A thread. String an equal amount of color B 8" seed beads onto color B thread. Slide the beads toward the ball, leaving 1 yd. (.9m) of thread without beads.

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