one flower pendant

1g color B

• Nymo D conditioned with beeswax or Thread Heaven


In the instructions, colors have been specified for the petals, but you may choose any colors, patterns, or combinations you wish.

[1] Thread a needle on 1 yd. (,9m) of conditioned Nymo (Basics, p. 138). Leaving a 6-in. (15cm) tail, pick up an 8 mm bead and enough color B 11® seed beads (approximately ten) to go halfway around the 8mm. Go back through the 8mm in the same direction (figure 1, a-b).

[2] Pick up the same number of Bs that you picked up in step 1, and go back through the 8mm (b-c) to make a ring of Bs surrounding the 8mm. Go through the first five Bs picked up in step 1 (c-d).

[3] Pick up five color A 11% three Bs, and five As. Go back through the last three Bs you went through on the ring, and continue through one more B (figure 2).

[4] Repeat step 3 around the ' ig (figure 3), making the same number of petals as you have beads in the initial ring. As you work your way around, your flower will

develop two distinct sides, and when you are making the last four petals, you'll have to make sure you continue entering and exiting the ring the same way you did on the previous petals. [5] Secure the thread tails with a few half-hitch knots (Basics) between beads, and trim, o

EDITOR'S NOTE: Attach this pendant to any stitched or strung necklace, make two for earrings, or connect several for a playful bracelet. For stability, the best place to attach these flowers to other elements is either through the 8mm bead or at the ring of 11" seed beads surrounding the 8mm.

Contact Sue Sloan in care o/Bead&Button.

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