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Tips & Techniques

Christmas bracelet

Want to make a holiday-themed bracelet without reinventing the wheel? Try this cute adaptation of Kay Hutchison's "Snake trail bracelet" (Bead&Button, June 2002). After making the band, embellish each triangular inset with seed beads and crystals. Add a short trunk at the base of each inset to transform the triangles into trees.

- Katby Darland, Racine, Wisconsin

.Portable beading

Portable Beading Tray

If you like to bead while you're on the road, here's a portable work surface you can make yourself. Cut a circle of sticky-backed felt that will fit in the bottom of a serving plate with a snap-on lid, remove the backing, and attach the felt to the inside of the plate. Make removable bead trays by gluing small pieces of Velcro to the backs of clear furniture coasters. Glue the matching Velcro piece to the felt-lined plate. To keep the plate on your lap as you work, cut two 2-in. (5cm) pieces of Velcro. Glue one half to the underside of the plate, and attach the other half to your pant leg with a safety pin. At break time, snap on the lid, and tuck the plate under your seat. - Vanessa Countryman, Montrose, Iowa

Square stitch closure

To give a peyore stitch f —iGraBr bracelet a sleek closure, BSbSsS_

finish it with square stitch: When the band is within 1 in. (2.5cm) of the desired length, pick up two beads. Go back through the first bead on the previous row (figure, a-b).

Go back through the last bead picked up (b-c). Pick up two beads, go through the next bead on the previous row, and go back through the last bead (o-d). Repeat across the row. Work a few more full rows of square stitch (Basics, p. 1381, then stitch two edge sections that are three or four heads Wide and tall. Finally, make a few more full rows of square stitch Secure the tail with half-hitch knots (Basics!, and trim. - Aud„y Parramor,. Tmpa, Florida

Tips & Techniques seecl bead finishes

Seed beads come in a dizzying array of colors and styles. While sometimes it's enough to just know that you like a particular color, arming yourself with more information can help you make good purchasing standard finishes decisions and perhaps prevent some unpleasant surprises. Below is a guide to the different glass types used to make seed beads and some of the various finishes that you may find.

Clear Glass Cylinder Bead

glass type Transparent beads are made of clear or colored glass that transmits light. Opaque beads are made of colored glass that does not transmit light.

Color-lined beads are made of colored or clear transparent glass and have an opaque colored lining on the inside.

Metal-lined beads are clear or colored transparent glass with a core of real metal or metallic-colored paint. The metallic lining sparkle. Some have a square hole, which increases the sparkle. Metallic beads have a metal-like surface coating that is either a baked-on paint or an electroplated finish Many are stable, but some wear off over time. To test for permanence, soak them in bleach or acetone. To prolong the life of the finish, spray the beads with an acrylic fixative such as Krylon.


AB refers to an iridescent finish that resembles an oil slick. An AB finish may sometimes be called iris, rainbow, or aurora borealis.

Luster refers to a transparent glaze that lends extra sparkle. Matte refers to an etched surface that results in a velvety, frosted appearance. Matte AB refers to a matte finish with an AB coating. The result is a soft, variegated look Semi-matte refers to a slightly etched surface that produces a silky finish.

special finishes

Galvanized beads are coated with an unstable zinc-based finish. This coating, which may be shiny or matte, rubs off easily. Avoid galvanized beads or spray them with Krylon or other acrylic fixative to prolong the life of the finish.

plated with a thin coating of metal such as high-karat gold, sterling silver, copper, titanium, palladium, or nickel. This is a permanent finish, though the metal layer may wear off over time. _

Pearl refers to a lustrous, pearly finish on an opaque

Ceylon refers to a lustrous, pearly finish on a semi-

Pearl refers to a lustrous, pearly finish on an opaque

Ceylon refers to a lustrous, pearly finish on a semi-

Opal beads have a milky, semi-translucent finish. Some are gilt-lined. Satin beads have a striated

White hearts are dark transparent @ or opaque beads that have an 0

Two-tone beads are made lj£S7>flH with two colors of glass. m " Striped beads are made with two or more colors of glass in a striped pattern. Gold luster refers to a luster finish with glowing gold highlights.

Painted or dyed beads have an impermanent color coating. Many bright purples, pinks, and fuchsias are painted or dyed. Exposure to sunlight will cause the colors to fade, and the colorants may rub off when handled.

Flat Peyote Stitch Decrease


Peyote stitch pendants

Attach beaded dangles to these two geometric pendants with crimp end findings, available from Designer's Findings, (262) 574-1324. Conncct a bail to the top crimp end for stringing.

For the symmetrical pendant, begin at the top, and work Panel A in flat, odd-count peyote. Work panels B and C in even-count peyote, decreasing as needed at the bottom. Connect panels B and C with cylinders draped between the inside edges. Attach a 1 Vi-'in. (3.8cm) crimp end at the top and a '/i-in. (1.3cm) crimp end in the lower opening. File the edges clown to fit the opening if needed. String beads on a head pin, make a loop, and attach it to the smaller crimp end.

For the asymmetrical pendant, begin at the upper left-hand corner, and work the main panel in even-count peyote. Stitch the lower portion in odd-count peyote, decreasing as needed along the bottom. Use a I '/¡-in. crimp end at the top, and a Vi-in. crimp end at the bottom. Attach a dangle as in the symmetrical pendant. - Mia Scbulitian, Caithersburg, Ml); [email protected]

Patten is

Peyote Flowers Bracelets Even Count

Ndebele herringbone bracelet

Beginning at the lower left-hand corner, work in flat Ndebele herringbone to complete this abstract geometric cityscape. The unique sterling silver clasp, from Wannabead Boutique in Tampa, Florida, (813) 988-3900, serves as a perfect finish. - Audrey Parramore, Tampa, Florida;

Holiday bracelets

Celebrate winter with these charming bracelets. To make the snowflake bracelet, work in flat, odd-count peyote, then finish the band with a snowflake button and a pretty picot edging.

To make the candy cane bracelet, work in flat, even-count peyote. If desired, sew another layer of beads on top of every other candy cane (as indicated by the arrows) for additional flair. - Sue Mertz m

Peyote Stitch Holiday Patterns

Paula Adams of Albuquerque, New Mexico, designs extraordinary holiday ornaments. Don't miss her peyote stitch ornament project, p. 102.

Contact Paula at [email protected].

Beadweaving Brick Stitch Ornament

Your Work

The pinecone

This multitiered ornament evolved from one of my dimensional Christmas tree designs. The 70 small crystals add sparkle.

Paula Adams of Albuquerque, New Mexico, designs extraordinary holiday ornaments. Don't miss her peyote stitch ornament project, p. 102.

Contact Paula at [email protected].

After I made this ornament's center and bottom, my father commented that the parts reminded him of my brother's toy top, and he asked if I could make a plunger to complete the top design. I gave my brother, Richard, this ornament for his birthday, which happens to be Christmas day.

Beaded Angel Paula Adams

Majestic angel

I have to have an angel on my tree, and she has to have a bell (hers is stitched inside her gown). This angel is my favorite because her dress is elegant but her halo has a little tilt. She's definitely an angel with an attitude.

I am

Celtic Peyote Patterns
Candy Land

Peggy Dembicer

[email protected]

Your Work

Peyote Birthday Songs

My friend has an adorable Irish Jack Russell terrier named Rudy. Rudy is a very educated dog - he listens to classical music and visits the library on his walks. Rudy is also well-behaved and knows not to jump on any of the leather chairs. But I imagine when Rudy is home alone and confined to the kitchen, he dreams of running around the house and taking a nap on the leather chairs - especially the new red one. I bead embroidered this imaginary portrait of Rudy on a layered felt foundation to create a three-dimensional effect. The three different shades of red seed beads are also layered. Diana Grygo [email protected] com a Recycled champagne caps

I've been saving champagne caps for a while without knowing what I would do with them. Then, after taking Laura McCabe's class on how to bezel a cabochon, I had an "aha" moment. I envisioned a jewelry future for my champagne-cap collection, l used pairs of caps to make earrings, and the single caps became a bracelet. I created the bezels in peyote stitch using 15® seed beads and Japanese cylinder beads. Toni Trefethen [email protected] com

When I heard the Northern Tutchone storyteller Louise Profeit-Leblanc tell the story about the profound love of a mother who fought to save her young son after he was swallowed by a pike fish and then brought him back to life, I was deeply moved. I created this beadwork to visually depict the story's action. The design Is backstitched on a tanned moose hide using antique and vintage beads, polished agate pieces, and a porcupine quill. Jan Mancey

[email protected]

Petite flower pendants

Embellished Peyote Pattern

For Beginners

Petite flower pendants

For an instant-gratification proiect or ..

a gentle introduction to bead stitching, jr^M1

this flower pendant is the perfect choice.

designed by Sue Sloan

Crystal Crossweave Braceelt


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