the tape in peyote stitch. End by working one or two rows of peyote using 14's or 15'-' s (photo d). [6] Once you have encircled the cab, you can either cover the back with beads or leave it open. To cover the back, work rounds of peyote stitch, decreasing the number of stitches in each round, as necessary.

Necklace back

[1] On a comfortable length of thread, pick up two 1 Ps, two cylinders, two ll8s and two 8®s. Repeat this sequence, leaving an 18-in. (46cm) tail. Go through all the beads again in the same direction. Tighten the thread so the beads form a ring.

[2] Work in tubular peyote as before, picking up the same bead as the bead you just exited. Continue stitching until the tube is 9'A in. (24.1cm) or the desired length. Do not cut the thread.

[3] Cut 15 in. (38cm) of beading wire. On one end, string two crimp beads and half of the magnetic clasp. Go back through the crimp beads. Crimp the crimp beads (Basics and photo f).

[4] Run the beading wire through the tube so the clasp is at the same end as your working thread. Using cylinder beads, continue to stitch around the tube, decreasing in each round until the tube fits snugly around the clasp (photo g).

[5] Sew through the beading-wire loop several rimes to hold the tube in place against the clasp. Secure the tail in the tube, and trim.

[6] String two crimp beads and the other half of the clasp on the other end of the beading wire. Adjust the crimp

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