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in the beadwork, and exit the first 6® in the last row (figure 1, point a). Pick up three ll®s, a crystal, and three 1 l®s. Sew back through the first two 6®s in the row, (a-b) making a loop around the first 6®.

[3] Continue adding loops as in step 2. When you reach the end of the row, sew through the end 6° in the next row (figure 2, a-b).

[4] Add loops to each row of the base until you reach the third row from the end of the band. Modify the next two rows by only adding loops to the first and last 6®s only. Add loops to all the 6°s in the last row as before (figure 3 and photo a).

[5] Attach the button to the open area of the base, using several thread paths (photo b). Secure the working thread, and trim.

[6] Thread a needle on the tail, and sew through the first four 6as in the first row. Pick up enough 1 l'-'s to fit around the button, and sew through aw*


Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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