Right-angle weave Flat

[1] To start the first row of right-angle weave, pick up four beads, and tic them into a ring. Sew through the first three beads again.

[2] Pick up three beads. Sew through the last bead of the previous ring (a-b), and continue through the first two beads picked up in this stitch (b-c).

[3] Continue adding three beads per stitch until the first row is the desired length. You are sewing rings in a figure 8 pattern, alternating direction with each stitch.


[1] Work a flat strip of right-angle weave that is one stitch fewer than needed for the desired circumference of the tube.

[2] Connect the last stitch to the first stitch as follows: Exit the end bead of the last stitch, pick up a bead, sew through the first bead of the first stitch, and pick up a bead. Complete the connecting stitch by retracing the thread path. F.xit as shown.

[3] In subsequent rounds, you'll add three beads in the first stitch, two beads in the next stitches, and only one bead in the final stitch.

Square stitch

[1] String the required number of beads for the first row. Then pick up the first bead of the second row. Sew through the last bead of the first row and the first bead of the second row again. The new bead sits on top of the bead in the previous row, and the holes arc parallel.

[2] Pick up the second bead of row 2, and sew through the next bead in row I and the new bead in row 2. Repeat this step for the entire row.

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