(a round stone that is pointed on both the front and the back), chaton (a round stone that has a flat back and a faceted front that has been cut so it does not have a point), and dentcllc (a round stone with a pointed back and a faceted front that has been cut so it docs not have a point). These names arc often used interchangeably, which can be misleading. Furthermore, some crystal stones are measured in millimeters, while others are measured by stone size (ss), which is a term that was borrowed from the traditional jewelry industry.

Another product that sometimes causes confusion is the crystal pearl. A crystal pearl has a crystal core covered with a pearlcsccnt coating. Why cover a crystal in a coating? One benefit of crystal pearls is that they are uniform in shape, size, and color. Second, the hole of a crystal pearl is larger than that of a normal freshwater pearl. Third, they are a huge improvement over other faux pearls, like plastic, in that their weight and luster are similar to natural pearls.

Several months ago, I had the good fortune to visit Wattcns, Austria, home of Swarovski, the largest manufacturer of crystal beads. Between learning about the company's products, shopping at the new CRYSTALLIZED™ Lounge, and enjoying Swarovski's fabulous hospitality, the group I was travelling with got an update from Bernadcttc Larcher, head of international PR for Swarovski, who explained that the company has recently rebranded its products. Now, as you shop online or hit the bead stores, it'll be easy to spot genuine Swarovski products, which will carry the name CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements. Some previously labeled and vintage Swarovski products may not yet carry the new brand, so it may help to know that the company has a model number for each style of bead or component it makes. If you like a particular bead or crystal stone style, it will help to find out the model number so you can get the specific item you need. Swarovski also has a color code to designate each of its colors, as you can sec on the enclosed color wheel. A visit to will help you become familiar with the product and color numbers.

Now that you're armed with more knowledge about crystal beads, dig into this special issue, and find some projects to make! You're sure to be hooked on crystals in no time, if you're not already, o

Julia Gerlach is managing editor at Beadöc Button. Contact her at [email protected].

Jewel bracelet designed by Cathy Lampóle

Analogous Color Runway


Jewel bracelet

The gold bracelet features new and vintage rivolis in a range of jewel tones, while the blue bracelet uses a subtle analogous color scheme.

Inspired by the bold jeweled cuffs of the 1940s, this colorful band looks at home on the runway or around your wrist designed by Cathy Lampóle

Search your collection of "jewels" to find the perfect pieces for this bracelet. Whether you go colorful or monochromatic, it's easy to find the perfect crystals to make your bracelet a standout.


It can be challenging to guess how many cylinders fit in the initial bezel ring, which makes up the first two rounds of peyote. The initial ring should always have an even number of beads, and fit around the widest part of your rivoli or stone. Here are the initial rings that we used for bezefcng our rivolis and stones.

Size of rivoli/ stone

Number of cylinders

12 mm

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