cross through the fourth 1 lv on the other cord. Repeat nine times, or to the desired band length. On each end, pick up three 11% and cross the ends through the opposite 4 mm crystal. With each end, go through the next two 1 l"s (figure 6).

[7] On one end, string three 1 l°s, and go through the center 119 in the next set of beads in the band. String two 1 l's, and go through the next center 11". Repeat eight times, then string three

1 l"s to complete the last stitch, which mirrors the first. Repeat with the other end (figure 7).

[8] Weave the ends into the bcadwork, and end the cords (Basics, p. 68). O

Precious Stones

Precious Stones

IN this little text-book the author has tried to combine the trade information which he has gained n  his  avocation,  the  study  of  precious  stones,  with  the  scientific  knowledge  bearing  thereon, which his vocation, the teaching of chemistry, has compelled him to master.

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