Figure 4

materials bracelet 7Yt in. (19.1 cm)

• 360 4 mm btcone crystals in one or multiple colors

• Power Pro or Wildfire thread. .006, or Fireline 8 lb. test

last row of 4 mms (photo a). Pick up an 8°, and sew through the 8° your thread exited at the start of this step (photo b).

[6] Sew through the first 8" added in the previous step and the next 4 mm in the crystal layer. Pick up an 8", and sew through the next 8° in the previous row of S^s (photo c). Continue through the two beads you sewed through at the start of this step, the new bead added, and the next 8® in the previous row.

[7] Continue attaching the seed beads to the crystal layer with one 8° per stitch.

[8] Using 8% work a row of right-angle weave off of the previous row of 8®s (photo d). Attach this row to the crystal layer as in steps 5 and 6.

[9] Continue working as in step 8 for the length of the band.

[10] Test the fit of the bracelet, keeping in mind the length of the clasp. Add more rows of both 4 mms and 8vs if needed.

[11] Sew the long sides of the band closed using a right-angle weave thread path (figure 4).

[12] To add the clasp, stitch one more row each of 4 mms and 8es, but do not sew up the end. Sandwich the rings of the clasp between the two layers, and sew the rows together, enclosing the rings of the clasp (photo e). Repeat on the other end of the bracelet, o

New to right-angle weave? View a video demonstration at

Cathy Latnffole of Newmarket, in Ontario, Canada, says she was horn with a needle in her hand. She is currently on a crystals craze, and you can see another crystal bracelet by Cathy on p. 9. To see more of Cathy's work, visit her Web site,

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