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The vivid blues of ocean waves crashing into the Hawaiian shore inspired my Kai Nalu (ocean wave) necklace. The earthy texture and color of the wood components contrast with the brightness and sparkle of the crystals, adding balance to a striking juxtaposition.


[1] Attach a needle to each end of a 3-yd. (2.7 m) length of Fireline. Center a color C 3 mm bicone crystal, a color I) 2 mm round crystal, and a 3 mm on the thread. Pick up one loop of a 20 mm link, and cross the other thread through it (figure 1, a-b and g-h).

[2] Using crossweave technique (Basics, p. 68), pick up a 3 mm with each needle and cross the threads through a D 2 mm nine times (b-c and h-i). Pick up a 3 mm with each needle, and cross the threads through the remaining loop of the link, making sure the beadwork isn't twisted (c-d and i-j).

[3] Continue in crossweave technique for eight stitches (d-e and j-k). Pick up a 3 mm with each needle, cross the threads through the first D 2 mm, and continue through the first 3 mm on each side (e-f and k-l).

[4] Working one side at a time, complete a round of right-angle weave (Basics) as follows: Pick up a color A

4 mm bicone crystal, a color B 4 mm bicone crystal, and an A 4 mm. Sew through the 3 mm your thread exited, and the first A 4 mm (figure 2). Continue working in right-angle weave, following the established color pattern, with B 4 mms parallel to the 3 nuns. For the last stitch of the round, you will

Precious Stones

Precious Stones

IN this little text-book the author has tried to combine the trade information which he has gained n  his  avocation,  the  study  of  precious  stones,  with  the  scientific  knowledge  bearing  thereon, which his vocation, the teaching of chemistry, has compelled him to master.

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