[3] Continue working in herringbone stitch (Basics) until the band is about Vi in. (1.3 cm) short of the desired length, ending and adding thread (Basics) as needed. Work a ladder stitch thread path through the last row to snug up the beads.

[4] To attach the crystal square that will be the toggle loop, exit an end 8", and pick up enough 15° seed beads to make a loop around one side of the square. Sew through the next two 8°s in the band (figure 3). Repeat twice to add two more loops, then reinforce the connections by sewing back through the loops, following different thread paths into the band. End the working thread but not the tail.

[5] To make the toggle bar, attach a stop bead (Basics) to 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Pick up 13 15% and work a total of 12 rows in flat odd-count peyote stitch (Basics) to make a strip with six beads on each straight edge (figure 4). Remove the stop bead, and zip up (Basics) the edges to form a tube. End the working thread and tail.

[6] Thread a needle on the tail of the band, and sew through the last row to exit the third 8V from one edge (figure 5, point a). Pick up approximately nine 15°s, and sew through a 15° at the center of the toggle bar, and back through seven 15*$ (a-b). Pick up two 15*s, and sew through the next 8° in the band (b-c). Retrace the thread path several times, and end the thread.

[7] Add a comfortable length of thread near one end of the band, and exit between the first and second 8tfs in the second column (figure 6, point a).

[8] Pick up three to five 11° seed beads, a sequin, and a 15" (a-b). Sew back through the sequin and the stem of 1 l9s,

Precious Stones

Precious Stones

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