How To Make Money From Knitting Or Crochet

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A fascinating New Book That Shows Step-by-step Ways to make Money From Knitting Or Crochet. Ideal for Home-based Business And Work-at-home Mums, And Discovering how to Turn A Hobby Into Real money Income! Using this Detailed Breakthrough Information You'll Know How To: Start a Successful knitting business. It's a fact 95% of people who start a home based business fail within the first year. You will understand how to be in the successful 5% group and continue making money from your knitting business permanently. Benefit from your knitting even when you have no idea what to sell. If you've ever wanted to knit products that sell extremely well, but simply dont know What products to create or whether they will sell or not, then don't worry. Indeed this strategy teach you what knitted products will sell well with many, many real examples, but you'll also learn more than a dozen ways to fire up your knitterpreneur creativity and accelerate your ability to create knitted products that will truly sell. Earn money from your knitt. Continue reading...

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Crochet Made Easy

Instructional E-book, Showing photographs And Teaching Beginners How To Crochet. Step By Step Instructions From How To Hold A Hook, Up To Creating Your First Project. Tips On Caring For Your Crochet, Altering The Finished Size And Tension Of Your Item. Even if you`re a beginner with no experience at all, you will master this skill and impress yourself as well as your friends with your new talent in no time. Imagine making unique gifts especially suited to your friends taste. Something you can`t just pick up in one of the chain stores. What every beginner needs is a guide that explains in plain simple english, with step by step instructions, how to get started, form stitches, reading patterns, tools and supplies, and terms and abbreviations. Beginner books are hard to come by. However if you know what information to look for and that information is presented in easy-to-understand simple common everyday form, even with no prior experience the beginner soon becomes proficient.

Crochet Made Easy Overview

Format: Ebook
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Using a jig

How Make Whirly Jig Earrings

As there ere a number of different styles and types of jig on the market, you may find that you have to adjust the patterns in this book slightly. I suggest that, before you attempt any of the ig projects, you place your pegs as directed and then wrap o piece of cord or string approximately the same gauge os the wire thot will be used around the pegs, following the pattern. Measure the amount of cord or string that you have used so thot you know how much wire you will need to make the project,...

Wire Crochet

Crystal Crossweave Braceelt

Wire crochet jewelry gives the impression of crystals suspended in midair. The sparkle of gold-tone wire sets off the glitter of large cube, round, and bicone crystals. 1 Unwind l yd. .9 m of craft wire, leaving it attached to the spool. To remove the curl from the wire, gently pull the wire between your thumb and index finger. Avoid bending the wire. 2 String the 8 mm cubes on the wire. 3 Loop the wire around the crochet hook 6 in. 15 cm from the end of the wire. Cross the tail end over the...

Tubular Beaded Crochet

Stringing Beads For Tubular Crochet

Tubular beaded crochet is one of the simplest techniques to master for anyone who likes to crochet. The tube is made of slip stitches that spiral up. forming a cord, while the beads are simply held at the base of the thread before each loop is pulled through to complete the slip stitch. By varying the types and sizes of beads, or the thread thickness, you can create many different effects. The thicker the thread used in relation to the bead size, the more space will show up between the beads....

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