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Someone else's trash can be your treasure if you like to hit neighborhood garage sales or local secondhand shops, like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. These are excellent places to load up on old jewelry that you can take apart and make something old into something new. Use wire and other beads to connect the mismatched jewelry items you've found.

And don't restrict your findings (no pun intended) to old jewelry. Think about ways you can deconstruct other items:

i Check out buttons on old shirts and dresses.

i Look through kids' games for board game pieces, Army men, and so on (see the next section).

i Snatch up home décor items such as beaded lampshades, those beaded curtains people used to hang in doorways, and assorted small knickknacks.

i Dismantle an old typewriter (or computer keyboard), and use the keys to make wordy jewelry:

• Make a lapel pin that bears your initials.

• Wear a pair of N-O earrings on a day you're feeling grumpy, or make an H-I pair for those days when you're feeling friendly.

Figure 16-1:

Shells with holes make instant jewelry possibilities.

• String together a necklace that conveys your worldview: "PEACE," "LOVE," "BEADING." (Obviously, you'll need more than one set of keys if you have to repeat letters.)

^ Use old scarves as stringing material for extra-large lampwork or crystal beads.

^ Take apart small hair accessories, like those worn by little girls, and glue pin backs to them for some whimsical broaches.

^ Turn smaller components from outdated computer parts into fun fashions for the office. Take apart the electronics and use the memory chips, wires, and whatever else you can salvage to make a modern-day statement. Just make sure that none of the items will harm the wearer. Figure 16-2 shows a RAM and bead necklace design, which is strung on purple hemp and accented with purple lampwork beads.

Figure 16-2:

Recycle computer parts into fun fashion.

Figure 16-2:

Recycle computer parts into fun fashion.

Another place to find deals on vintage jewelry pieces that you can take apart and recycle is eBay. A lot of estate sale auctions appear on this Web site, so you can buy lots (meaning groupings) of jewelry. And "lots" also means "a lot," because you usually have to buy a bunch of pieces for one flat fee. You may not get an exact choice of each piece because you bid to buy all of it, but you may find at least one big-time treasure in there. You just never know.

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Making Money With Garage Sales

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