Materials and vital statistics

1 Beads: 2 5mm red-and-black ceramic beads 1 Findings:

• 2 ear hooks, stainless steel

• 7 inches of 24-gauge copper wire

Figure 14-11:

Copper wire is supereasy to wrap around these washers.

tf&BEli il Other: 2 K-inch metal washers

I Tools: Chain-nose pliers, wire cutters, round-nose pliers I Techniques used: Creating a wrapped loop

Some metals, such as copper, darken over time. For some designs, this effect is nice and gives the piece a patina (a change in color). However, if you prefer to keep the copper bright, you can polish it with a polishing cloth, just like you would silver jewelry.

The wrapped loop technique comes through for you again in this fun earring design. If you need a refresher on the how-tos of this technique, flip back to Chapter 2.

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