Bead Crimping

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^ Using crimps to finish off strands ^ Separating bead units with crimps ^ Creating design elements with crimps ead crimping is a relatively recent development in jewelry making and beading. Crimping is simply the process of squeezing or flattening specially designed beads and tubes to secure jewelry elements (like clasps or beads) in a particular spot on a stringing material. Most often, it's used to finish a jewelry piece in a clean, professional manner.

What would modern jewelry making be without crimping? Sure, you could knot, solder, and wire wrap, but no other technique gives you the professional-looking results in so little time with so little expense. All you need are crimp beads and tubes and a $14 pair of crimping pliers.

We really do recommend investing in crimping pliers, rather than using chain-nose pliers to flatten crimp beads. The crimp made with the real deal is a much more professional-looking element and makes a tremendous difference in your finished work.

In this chapter, you put your crimping pliers to good use and start off with several projects that use basic crimping skills; you create connections between clasps and your beaded length of wire. Then we give you three more-advanced designs that incorporate crimps as design elements rather than just the hard-working findings they are.

If you need a refresher on using crimping pliers the right way (using a two-phase crimp method), check out Chapter 2.

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