Stitches And Thread

Conditioning thread Use either beeswax (not candle wax or paraffin) or Thread I leaven to condition thread. Beeswax adds tackiness that is useful if you want your beadwork to fit tightly and stiffly. I bread I leaven adds a static charge that causes the thread to repel itself, so it can't be used with doubled thread. Stretch the nylon thread, then pull it through beeswax or Thread I leaven, starting with the end that conus olt the spool first.


Figure 7: A ladder of seed or bugle beads is often used to begin brick stitch and Ndebele herringbone. Pick up two bends, leaving a -I in. (10cm) tail. Co through both beads again in rhe same direction. Pull the top bead down so the beads are side by side. The rhread exits the bottom of the second bead (a-b). Pick up a third bend and go back through the second bead from top to bottom. Come back up the third bead (b-c).

Figure 8: String a fourth bead. Co through the third bead frombottom to top and fourth bead from rop bottom (c-d). Continue adding beads until you reach the desired length.


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