Stitch a peyote tube bracelet with jaunty twists llows of peyóle mercases produce graceful. ripplcd edges along Iuhc-shapcd hcadcd beads. Make ll\e. liten slring

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p , bracelcl. II ir re arr no limils lo I lie color comí >¡ nal ions yon can lr\ lor Ilíese beads. and frrl free lo subslilule beads iu ollierslvles and si/es lor llie I l-s. /„. Beth ston«

stepbvstep l or an S in. 120cm) bracelet, make five ruffled rubes.


[1] Condition a 2-yd. {1.8m) length of Nymo (Basics, p. 10). I like co roil up half the length on cardboard to k« the Nymo manageable. [2" String eight main color (MQ seec beads. Move them to the middle of the thread and work in flat, even-count peyotc (Basics) for ten rows.

[3] Roll the beadwork into a rube an J zip it dosed (Basics), attaching row : to row 10.

[4] Sew through the beads si» your needle exits the opposite end from the tail.

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