neckpiece and clasp cover 24 in. (61 cm)

• Japanoso 900d beads I80g. size if

• 14 6mm bicone crystals

• Nymo D condWorvxi with beeswax ■ beading needles. 010

• plastic tape to match wire color

• dasp ftowom. leaves, and vines

• Japanoso seed beads 5g violet, sure 15"

5g green. size 1U" 35g grnon, s«/o 1r 40 green, size 8"

• 10g green Japanese cylinder beads

• 20 4 mm btcone crystals

• 6 6mm bicore crystals

• wire cutters over both tubes. Work in two-J rop peyore for 46 rounds, or .is long as needed to cover the clasp plus .1 few rounds on each end of the neckpiece (photo e).

[2] With the thread exiting two X's in the last round, einliellish the tube In picking up .111 X'-'« a 6111m crystal, and an 8". Sew through the X-'s the thread is exiting in the same dirction and the next four S' s on the edge (photo 0- Repeat around the edge.

3] Hxit .1 crystal. String five 1 5's ami sew through the next crystal. Repeat around the edge.

4] Kxit a crystal. Pick up ten 15"s and sew through the same crystal again, the five 15 s from the previous step, and the next crystal. Repeat around the edge. Secure the tails. I.inbellish the other edge to match.

:5] Open the clasp, slide tlie cover on one end ol the necklace, <. lose the clasp, and slide the cover over the clasp.

Center fringe flowers

[1] On 24 in. (A 1cm) of thread, pick up five 15ys. Leave a 6-in. (15cm) tail and tie the lieads into .1 ring with a surgeon's knot. Sew through the next bead (figure 3. point a).

[2] Pick up four 15vs and sew through 1 lie next bead on the ring (a-b). Repeat four more times to complete the round. Sew through two beads on the next slack (b-C).

3' Pick up two 15 "s and work a round of tubular \debele herringbone (C-d).

[4] Work another round ol herringbone with the following change: Pick up three beads per stitch instead ol two and sew down through two beads (d-e). Sew up through two beads (e-f). Repeat to complete the round (f—Q).

[5] Repeal the thread paih through the last round, tying halt hitch knots between a few beads. I rim the working thread and secure the tail. Make a total of 45 flowers.


1 On I yd. {.9m) of thread, pick up two l 5'-s and two cylinders. Leave a 12 in. lail and sew hack through the 15's and the cylinders 10 start a ladder {B.isics and figure 4. a-bi. Continue in ladder stitch the heads shown (b-c). 2' Use cylinders and 15 's to build the bottom hall ol the leaf 111 brick stitch (Basics and c-d).

[3] Weave through the edge beads and evil .it point e. Work half of the leaf's top using 15's and cylinders as shown (e-f).

[4] Thread a needle on the tail and repeat on the other top-half of the leaf (g-h). Secure the tails and trim.

5] Make a total of l~ leaves as in steps 1-4. Make eight of these leaves substimting cylinders for I5'\and 11"s for the cylinders.

vines i 1 ] Cut the wire into 34 pieces ranging from X 12 in. (20- 30cm) long. Take one w ire through two rows of a leaf's ladder and secure the wire with a twist above the leaf (photo g). [2] Pick up an X" and enough I I 's to cover the wire, leaving approximately I in. (2.5cm) exposed.

3j Pick up an 8", a flower, and a 4mm crystal. (¡0 back through the flower and wrap the wire around itself above the llowcr (photo h). Trim any excess wire. Make a total of 17 vines with a flower 011 one end and a leal on the other. Make 12 with a flower on both ends. Make five with a flower on one end and a 6111111 crystal on the other (photo i).

[4] Drape a \ me over the middle of the neckpiece. Start .1 new thread and secure the vine with a few stitches on the back of the tube (photo j). Repeat with the remaining vines, spacing them as desired. Alternate flowers and leaves mi they fall at different lengths.

peyote patch i 11 Using X's. make a flat, even-count peyote strip eight beads wide and 38 rows lung (photo k) or long enough to cover the \ ines on the back of the neckpiece.

[2] Kxit an edge bead 011 the last row. Make a picot trim along both edges by picking up three I l"s and sewing through the thread bridge between the first two edge beads and back through the third 11' (figure 5, a-b). 3] Pick up two I I'-'s. sew under the next thread bridge and back through the second I I (b-c). Repeal to complete the row. Repeat along the 01 her edge.

[4J Position the strip over the stitches that attach the vines on the back of the neckpiece. Sew the strip in place (photo I), o

( onuct Mary ¡.on Allen a! beachst* >ucs I ('1 ch.iricr.nct.

Beaded Garden

\\ anting to make a collage rallier than a specific, defined structure. I started slilchiiii! a \ariel\ of interesting

~ . r by Lisa Olson Tune shapes ni the hope llial one da\ I would come up with an idea lor pulling them together. That da\ lliialh came.

and 111 \ rallier ahsl racl hompiel is (lie resull.

Shapes are a great was to fool around with stitches.

( )ne of the nicesl things is llial \ou can start ami slop whenever\ou waul without fear of losing \our place.

\\ hen uni have* enough pieces, sew the shapes together

I<» create ;i centerpiece for a necklace or hrooch. Outsider adding a hea<led cahochon to hiirhliiHit \our design.


0 0

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