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by Diane S. Hertzler

\fler Inking a class with Rachel Cotugno al ihc 20(H DcadAHuHon Show on making decora Ii\e shapes I'm in herringbone lubes. I designed lliiseasx pretzel. \dd sail lo \our pretzel wilh silver-lined ervslal heads and add a pinback lo wear il as a hrooeh. \llach a colorful ribbon and il becomes an ornament.

• Japanese seed beads 80 s' I in one cr two topaz colors (orctzd)

4g swe 10", clear siiver-lined (salt)

• Nymo 8 condiiio^ec with booswax


It you are using two colors of I lv seed beads, mix them together so you pick up the colors randomly as you stitch.

1 Working with a comfort able length of conditioned thread (Basics, p. 10). pick up three I lvs and sew through the beads again, leaving a 6-in. (15cmI tail. (2 Pull the beads into a snug circle, tie the tail and working thread together with a square knot (Basics), and sew through the next bead on the circle (figure 1).

3 Pick up two 1 l°s and sew through the next bead on the circle (figure 2. a Repeat two more times (b-c). I hen sew through first bead added on this round (c-d). • 4 Work in tubular herringbone ¡Basics and figure 3) until the tube is about S in. (20cm) long. Keep the tension tight as

Brick Stitch Basics Anleitung

work. Pull the heads

:r so they stack above previous round. The will srarr ro form a after the fourth round. s::dc an 8-m. (20cm)

of wire into the tube. Work one more row, one bead per stitch 4). Sew through the three beads just added and cinch them together ro close the end of the lube, l ie several half hitch knots (Basics) between beads. Don't cut the thread.

7 Form the tube into the shape of a pretzel. [8] To add the salt, position the thread so it exits a bead on the front of the pretzel. I tnbeilish the surface with size 10 seed bead-», stitching beads randomly and in different directions. Weave through the herringbone rube .is you add the salt beads to make sure your t hread doesn't show between beads, o

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iDino herringbone stitch and right angle weave nowcase gemstone rondelles

V-ndy Brooks ttlicework of heads and gemsloues pla\s die central role in - eleganl hraeelcl. (irealed widi ri^lil-an^lc weave. it do\elails

!\ at each end widi a panel <>1 Ndehcle herringbone. blending • -e two stitches. while unusual, produces an openwork p*id dial Jwcases a eolleetion ni'allraetive gemslones. ^ on can readilx bslilule small pearls or crystals lor die ^emslones in your \ersion this design.

p step

Measure your wrist to rer r.:nc the finished length i ur bracelet. (Mine is 15cm.J To change the adjust the number of bone rows near each *i«:eps 3-5 and 16). H >rk in right-angle as follows: On I yd. r more ol Pirclme, up rwo 10- seed beads r vo 1 I s twice, leaving _ m. 15cm) tail. Go ppough the first six beads figure 1, a-b). Pick up s. two Ids. and rwo ^¡Ltro through the two

>ur thread exiting in ¿same direction as before ja: . -ntinuc through the four beads on the ring Make a total of eight Continue around the - ng and exit at point d. ! T > begin stitching in bone, pick up four jfid go down through -cxt 1 r on the end ring 2, a-b). Come up kCj ch rhc neighboring 1 1

on the next ring (b-c). Repeat across the row (c-d). [4j To turn after the last stitch, continue around the right-angle weave ring and exit through the second-to-last I I (d-e). Go up through the two 10 s on tin- edge or the I km d work (e-f). Pick up four 10 s as before and work in herringbone across the row (f-g). To turn, go through the 10 one stack in from the edge and the two 10 s on the edge (g-h).

[5] Oti the next row. pick up a 10". two I Is, and a 10 for each stitch (h-i). Turn by going back up through the two I. Os and an 11 one stack in from the edge. Kxir at point j.

[6] To return to right-angle weave, pick up rwo 10 s, two

I I s. and two 10 s. Go back through the rwo I Is on the herringbone row and the first two new 10 s (figure 3, a-b). Pick up two 11 s and two 10s and go hack through the

II s on the herringbone row and the next six beads on this ring (b-c).

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