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sood ceads. ¿ze 11* 6g »nain color ?.q accent color 2 modum -weigh! fccal beads

• variety of Deads for embelfcjhmoni (optional) Ftrefne. 6 lb test

■ pair of earring firings (Rio Grande, ri09rande.c0m)

• flatnose pliers step/;ystep

Peyote circlo

[1 ] I bread a needle with I yd. (-9m) of lirelinc. Pick up an even number of main color (MC) beads, enough to encircle your focal bead (photo a). Tie them into a circle using a surgeon's knot (Basics, p. 10). [2] Working in circular peyote (Basics), stitch around the ring. When you return to the first bead in the circle, step up to the next row (Basics and photo b). Stitch one more row.

[3] To work the fifth and final row. pick up two accent color (AC) IhvkIs as you make each stitch as 111 photo c.


[1] When you reach the last space in the outermost row, pick up six ACs to make the bail. Co through the first bead in the last row of the ring (photo d). Do not Cut the thread.

[2j Weave down through the beads and exit the lirst row directly underneath the bail (photo c).

\\ bile I love long, lanes headed earrings, I wanted l<> experiment with round or oval earrings wilh a local head in llie middle. Inspired h\ Phyllis Dinlcniass s lallice design in llie ()elober 200 » issue of Bead&Button magazine. I rivaled these \crsalile seed head earrings llial allow \ou lo add an element of surprise in llie w i in low. ^ on won* I he disappointed !>\ all \ on can do wilh lliese lillle windows oi'opporliiiiilx.

Iry Fran Morris Mandel


[2] Go back through the focal head and pick up two ACs. Co through the adjacent bead in the first row and weave through several nearby beads (photo f).

[3] Tie ofl your thread using half-hitch knots (Basics) and trim the tails.

[4] Open the loop on an earring finding, attach the bail, and close the loop.

[5] Make a second earring to match the first.

Variations In the photo on p. 176, I used pearls as the focal beads and as the accent beads around the perimeter. Other options include small gemstones, nuggets, or stone chips for your focal bend.

hi photo g, I used V hex I vends around the perimeter. In photo h. the 6"s along rhe beaded edging add drama to the dangling green crystal. Focal beads that are drilled horizontally, like crystals and drops, arc made to Ik the center ol attention.

For a more fanciful look, try using bugle beads around the edge as in photo i. Pick up a bugle and 15 '. then go through the bugle and the nearest bead in the row and continue around. If your bugles aren't large enough, add a 15' on cither side to lill in the gaps, o


When working in circular peyote, your edges may start to curl up. Using a little less tension in your stitches can help keep your work flat.

h'ran is from ¡.exingtoii, Kentucky. Luiitil her ill (mm 'morris&yjbt > < >. com.

Fran Morris MandelFran Morris Mandel

try Diane Dennis ance

Tiring nin <low n lime hdwecu head shows, when I ha\e Inn and |>la\ dii nd nn i 111 new ideas. I came ii)> with ihc idea lor this piece. I he mel; cads work well with pearls and hlcnd together in ;i (eminine and elegant in. The \lahe pearl makes a sophisticated cenlerpicce. hill litis lechiii<|u< :ii easih he adjusted lo oilier si\ Irs ol'cahochons, such as I he lace ahoNe.

ip/>ystep iterpiece

Glue the pearl or eh on to the center of suede and let it dry jletelv. I run the suede, approximately in. t) around the outside. Start with a 2-yd (1.8m)

length ol thread and a #10 needle. Knot one end of the thread and sew through the suede next to the cahochon, working from front to back (photo a).

[3| Pick up two beads and sew back through the suede. [4] Sew through the suede again, positioning the needle between the first two heads (basics, p. 10). Trim the

(photo b). Sew through the excess thre.ul and sew second bend. through tin* next head.

[5] Repeat steps I and end [7] Work m even-count with an even number of circular peyote (Basics) for beads (photo C). three rounds.

[6] Adjust the needle so the f8j On the fourth round, thread is doubled, securing told the bead work up around the loose rail in the head- the pearl (photo d).

work with half-hitch knots [9| NX'ork two to four more add a bead beiwKi tb«e beadi

168 acads

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