• shot and heishi accent beads 5 10- 18mm

20-25 4-6rrm

• fO-fSmnconTor-drileci beaOo' button fcx clasp

4q si7o i r or Japanese cylinder beads igsfee 15v

• Nymo D to match bead color. conditicf*>a with beeswax

The l<*<• 1111i<111<* used lo make these »raded Mowers is so versatile that nee \<>u make the strung Moral bracelet, \ou w ill want lo add {lower embellishments In other beaded surfaces. I he wonder head pendant lo the right and the headed tassel and s<piare-sl itch bracelet both on p. 160 are a lew items we embellished with Mowers. We hope these samples trigger pour creativ il\ and I hat \on cnjo\ !ii> leehiiii|uc as much as we do.



1] Start with a 2-vd. (1.8m) Kth of thread and string a i bead to 24 in. (61cm) the end of the thread, through the bead again in same direction.

2] Pick up six base color ads and work in flat, even int peyote (Basics, p. 10)

16 rows.

[3] Weave back through the beads to the approximate center of the peyote strip and exit the bead at point a on figure 1. Since you'll sew the peyote strip into a tube once the petals and leaves are attached, you can place the flower anywhere on the snip, but if you attach the flower toward the center of the strip, it is easier to hold as vou work.


[1] Pick up seven petal-color beads. Position the beads against the peyote strip. Work a row of pevote for four beads (figure 2. a-b).

[2] Sew through the base bead and the first petal bead (b-c).

[3] Work the next row adding three beads (figure 3, a-b). Pick up a bead and sew through the next bead (b-c).

[4] Work down th» side of the petal, adding three beads. Then sew through the base head and the next two petal beads (C—d).

[5] Add two beads to each side of the petal (figure 4. a-b).

[6] Add a bead to each side of the petal and exit the base bead (figure 5, a-b).

[7] Repeat steps I-6 and make a total of five petals.

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