• Japanese seed beads, sxo 11V fOg main coior

10g accent coter

• 5 8-12mm accent beads, various shapes, cokxs. and sizes

• 30 spacer beads, various azes

• 10mm bead for button clasp

• Nymo D. conditioned with beeswax

• roufKJnose and chamnose pliers


[I] Pick up three accent color (AC) seed beads. Go under the first thread bridge ¿long the cube's edge and sew rhrough the last bead to form a picot (figure 1. a-b).

2] Pick up two AGs, go under the next thread bridge, and sew through the last bead added (b-c). 3" Repeat step 2 twice (c-d). {4j Pick up one AC (d-e), for a total : ten beads added.

Sew down through the first AC r. the row, and sew through the first two ACs (e-f).

6; Pick up two MCs (pevore increase) and sew through the next AC on the - cot row (figure 2. a-b).

[7] Repeat step 6 four more times, ■«¡eking up a total often MCs (b-c).

[8] Step up through the first MC on the increase row (figure 3, a-b). Pick up om \C and sew through the next MC (b-c). Repeat nine times, picking up a total of :en ACs (c-d).

9] Step up through the first AC.' on rhe A(! row (figure 4, a-b). Pick up two MCs in every stitch across the row for a total of 20 MCs (b-c). [ 10] Repeat step S (figure 5, a-b), picking up a total of 20 ACs (b-c).

(II] To secure your thread, sew through several l>eads, tie a half-hitch knot (Basics), repeat, and trim rhe excess thread.

'12] Repeat steps l-l I on the other edge of the tube bead.

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