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Dress up an easy peyoto bracelet with» a mix of festive buUons and beads. These bright florals and whimsical acconte will bo the <;©ntor of ailonf on at your rioxt gardof i party.

Band together

by Phyllis Fogel

Snhlle glamour makes lliis hraeelel a slan<lont. The delicate combination of Japanese e\limlcr heads ami small rouml er\slals sils lightl\ on \oiir wrisl. (! I loose heads with a <|uiel, monoehromal ie palelle sneli as lliis one or selec! a s|>lash\ eonlrasl. ^ on II Ink I that I he pe\o|e and hriek si i I eh seel ions go lo¿relher <miekl\. e\en i I" \on are new I o <>11-loom \vea\ ing.

materials bracelet 7;- in. (19cm)

• 7 y Japanese cyfoder beads 6 5mm crystals

• SoNo. Súamide. or Nymo D concboned with beeswax

[12] Repent steps 9-11 to connect rsl remaining links.

Picot edging

[1] Weave through the beads to the edge of the end link (tigure 4. point ^ Pick up three seed beads and go t '.' J the next two edge beads (a-b). Cor al to the end of the link (b-c).

[2] Repeat step I. adding picot edg» along the long sides ot the links isee I photo, above). Don't cur the thread 1


Beaded links

[1] Using I yd. (-9m) of thread, make a nine-bead ladder (basics, p. 10).

[2] Work in brick stitch for the next nine rows as follows:

Rows 2-3: Pick up two seed beads for the first stitch and one bead tor each stitch across the rest of the row (figure 1. a-b). Fach row contains nine beads. Rows 4-10: Pick up two seeds lor the tirsi stitch then one bead for the next stitch (b-c). Fach row contains three beads.

[3] Weave in the short rail, securing it w ith halt luteh knots - BasicsI and trim the thread. Leave rhe working thread to use later.

[4j Repeat steps I-3, making a total of

14 I.-shaped sections.

[5] Using the thread remaining front step connect two I -shaped sections by sewing them closed with peyote stitch (figure 2. a-b and c-d).

[6] Sew through the beads from points d to e. Co through a seed, pick up a crystal, and go through a seed (c-f). Sew-back through the crystal several times lor reinforcement, secure the thread with hall-hitch knots, and trim the tail.

[7] Repeat steps 5-6, connecting ten more L-shaped sections.

[8] Connect two I.-shaped sections without adding a crystal. (This ¡ink becomes the loop for the toggle clasp.)

[9] Starr a new thread along the edge of this link.

[10] Stitch seven rows in peyote stitch (Basics), picking up three seed beads for each row (figure 3).

[11] Attach the seventh peyote row to the edge of a crystal link, lining up die heads as shown in figure 3.

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