\<»ii enjo\ special-occasion jcwclrx. tt \oursclf lo lliis pair of sparkling mi's. Worked in an \arialion [luhnlar |>c\<>lc ill.«I \ields llic I - inclive curves known as Dnleli bill, lliese earrings can he finished in evening of leisurel\ heading.


I On 24 in. (61cm) of string eight mo in MC) I !vs, a 14 , two rcolor (AC) I l*s, a ; 4mm crystal, a wo ACs. and a 14-. I he beads again a circle, leaving a I5cn0 tail. Tie the tail i if. »rking thread together surgeon's knot (Ikisics, ■ c figure 1). i <rk in peyote si itch

: Go through the first rurk up an \1C. skip the MC on the circle, and jgh the third MC. three times, going the 14" to complete •: stitch (figure 2. a-b). ■sr* :hc tension tight.

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