(41 cm) nocklacu L- 18 6 x 5mm fVe-pofehed ' teardrop beads 12 4mm fire-uolii>l red feurxf PCOdS ^ ic; seed beads. .wo 1 r • y± ( 9m) triple luog-

B&nd-short ctaer Rro Oande. BSOO-545-6560. If jnogrnnde.com; \> (6lcm)24-yaijge

2 ■'•an rump mgr. S^hockcJasp cr-t^ose pliers •coryJnose pliorr. cutters


| Td add a more ttic quality this necklace, Jer using je beads. For bead sources, our links at Jbutton.com/ f community/links/.

[4~ Repeat steps 2-3 three times, working toward one eiul of the chains. Keep teardrops oriented in the same direction and connect each new wrapped loop in the next long link.

5] Attach lour more components as above, working from the center to the opposite end.


[1 ] String a seed head, a teardrop, and a seed bead on a head pin. [2] String a 4mm and a seed head three times (photo d) . 3] Start a wrapped loop. Slide it into one of the center links on the lower chain (photo e). I'inish the wraps.

[4] Repeat steps I > three-more times. As you work along the chain toward one end. use one fewer 4tum head for each successive dangle (photo f).

[5] Attach four additional dangles, working from the center toward rhe opposite end.


; 1! String a seed, a teardrop, and a seed on a head pin and start a wrapped loop. To make a swag in the chain, slide the loop into a long link on rhe upper chain I in. from the last component. On the lower chain, slide the loop into a long link about I/: in. (3cm) from the last component (photo g). I ini>h the wraps. Repeat on the other end of the necklace, (.ur oil the remaining lower chain. 12] Open a pair of jump rings (Basics) and slide each into an end chain link. Close the rings.


[1 | Slide one end of the S-hook clasp into one of the jump rings and lightly compress that end with chainnose pliers so it won't fall off (photo h). o

( ontact Tcm ;n aire o( ciUtoH&bcaJiWiUniihm.iom

I/y Annie Corkill

(pueril Kli/.alxili inspired lliis rhokcr. \<>. il wasn I llic monarrh lirrscH' bul a nrcklacr uorn l»\ arlivss <!alc lilancliril ¡n llic hisloriral drama Ehzaítedi. \\ hile l>lanch<'ll\s jrwrlrx inrorj>oralc<I iiilriralr niclalsmillmi^. lliis cliokrr m|iiirrs uiicoiii|>lical<MI wiivwork. Simple wraps sccnrc daii^lin^ pcarks and rr\ si ais. TI ir projcel is <jiiick and cas\. pcrlrcl lor llir hr^iiiiicr l>rad<T <>r an\onr drsirinjj; an rlc^anl ncrklacc.

tep step pngles

I; On one IhmJ pin. string a pearl .14mm bicone crystal. then make rapped loop (liasics. p. 10. and to a). Make 16 more dangles and ; aside.

String two pearls on a head pin make a wrapped loop (photo b). <e I s more pearl components, string a 6mm bicone crystal and biconc on a head pin. Starr a :d loop, slide a pearl component the loop (photo c). then finish the s. Make five more dangles. Repeat step .> using a 6mm round il instead ol a 6mm bicone ?o d). Make five more dangles.

sklace base sing 2 It. (61cm) ot 24-gauge make a wrapped loop at one end. vrmg a pearl, the loop on one of the short dangles from srep I of Dangles, and a pearl (photo e). 3 Wrap the wire around a 6mm round crystal dangle from step 4 of Dangles, with the wire wraping between the two pearls (photo f). 4] Repeat srep 2.

[5] Repeat step 1 using a 6mm bicone crystal dangle (photo g), ¡6] Repeat steps 2-5 seven limes. 7 Make a wrapped loop at the other end of the wire.

Adjustable chain ends [ 1 Open a jump ring {Basics) and attach it to a wrapped loop at the end of the wire and 1 in. (2.5cm) of chain (photo h). (Hose the ring. [2 Open a jump ring and attach the clasp to the other end of the chain. Close the ring.

;3 Repeat step I at the other end ot the necklace using in. (7.6cm) of chain. [4] String a pearl and a 4mm bicone materials

• Swarovsk- crystal 33 '.mm oicooes 8 6mm txoones

8 6mm rounds

• looster cfew clasp

• ctiannose pnws

• d-agotuï wro cut tern crystal on a head pin and make a wrapped loop. Make a second dangle. ;5] l se a jump ring to attach the two dangles to the chain (photo i). o

Contact Amur m care of t\ litor<g IH.\tdiv;<ibution. com.

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