Brich Stitck Figure

and bring the working thread over the top of ir (photo c). Slide a head down to sit on top of that bead and work a slip stitch (photo d).

[5] Continue adding rows as described above until you reach the length determined in step I.

[6] To complete the rope, work a row

EDITOR'S NOTE: For comfort, wrap the handle of the crochet hook with a self-adhesive stretch bandage to pad it, or purchase a padded handle at your favorite craft store. Write the size of your hook on the new handle with a permanent marker.

of slip stitches without .Killing beads (photo c). (.'ut the cord about IS in. (46cm) from the end of the rope and pull it through the last stitch.

[7] Repeat steps 2-6 to make the second rope.

Connect the sides

[1] Hi read .1 tapestry needle with the first rope's IS in. tail. Cio through the large opening on one cone, the focal head, and the small opening on the second cone. Thread a needle on the second rope's rail and sew through the cones and focal head in the opposite direction (photo f). Pull the tails to bring the ropes together. I hen sew through one of the chain stitches on the end of the rope (photo g). Sew hack and forth through the cones and heads using each of the stitches on each end of the ropes. Make sure the ends lit snugly in the cones and no cord shows. [2] Secure these tails with half hitch knot-* (Basics) and trim.

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