Figure 8

[•Heel |x>s\ of a neeklaee contrasts the sleek 11 IK I ulal ions of a I w ¡sled, |>e\ole si i I eh rope w ilh prolusion of leal\ hlooms. I he pet ile \ iolels are made in \dehele herringbone: ihe heart-shaped lea\es in hriek stileli. The\ nnoi k up so <piiekl\, \ou ll feel like \oure gathering them in a llower-slrew n meadow.


Neckpiece Peyote tubes

Work with comfortable lengths oJ doubled thread, securing rhe tails with half-hitch knots (Basics, p. 10) when ending and adding rhrcad.

[1] l eaving a 12-in. (30cm) tail, pick up 12 8" seed beads and tie them into a circle with a surgeon's knot {Basics). Sew through the next two 8°s (figure 1, a-b).

[2] Pick up two Sws. skip rwo X s on the ring, and sew rhrough the next two

8-s on the ring (b-c). Repeat around the ring and step up through the first two S'-'s <m the new round (c-d).

:3] Continue working in iwo-drop peyote passes, stepping up after each round, until you reach rhe desired length. Mine is 26 in. (6f>cm) long. Do nor knot or cut the thread Make a second mix- the same length. [4] (.Jut two pieces of electrical wire to the same lengths as your rubes and tape the ends (photo a). Slide one wire into a tube. Pick up the thread where figure 1

figure 2

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