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L ang 2 yd. (1.8m) of Power Pro. jp five cube beads. Work odd-flat peyote {basics, p. 10) until : peyote band wraps around your

My bracelcr has 49 rows.) I Position the needle so it exits a near the middle ol row f>. Pick up >;/c 11" seed beads of any color, r ..tton. and four seeds, then sew ;h the center base bead (figure 1). peat the thread path twice. Tie a :ch knor between beads (Basics) trim the tail.

Secure 2 ft. (61 cm) of Power Pro in : ~4sc beads opposite the button end. out the second bead along the Pick up >4 11 "s. or enough to fit the button. Go through the base bead, retrace the thread and go through the next base bead 2). Tie off and trim the rail.

>:art a 2-yd. piece of Power Pro. bixit the center bead on a long Pick up one X', then two Us. an lis. a B. an K. a C. three As, [two Fs. Pick up a drop and repeat pattern in reverse. Sew through the the base bead again (figure 3). Repeat step I, adding fringe to cube, but delete one 11® front >-:de of each fringe as you go. Stop jsing when you reach four I I 's jc (figure 4). i Begin increasing by one 11 on each side. When you reach the end. tie oil, and start a new thread at the center. Continue to the other end. [4j Work the other edge so the shortest fringes are opposite the longest ones.


1 Start a 2-vd. piece of Power Pro, and exit near the loop at point a (figure 5). Pick up a C, a I). a flower, a I >, and a C (a-b). Go through two base beads (b-c). turn, and sew to point b. Repeat, ending before the button. [2] Go through two base beads. Sew through the last flower, pick up two triangle beads, then go through the next flower (figure 6. a-b). (3 ; Pick up two Bs and go through the last flower again (b-c). Pick up two Bs. and go through the next flower (C-b).

[4j Repeat until you finish the flower near the loop end. Secure the thread in the base and trim the excess, o

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