decreases at ibis end of the mirror rhe increases ar rhe start, n, pick up two beads, sew down the top bead of the next stack, e up through the top bead of wing stack (figure 9, a-b). For d stitch, pick up one bead, sew through the rop bead of the next :nd come up through rhe rop - rhe following stack (b-c). these two stitches around the Seep up to start the next round. . up two beads and sew down rhe top bead of the next stack 10, a-b). Sew through the single j: :he top of the next stack and up through rhe rop bead of the ng stack (b-c). Repeat to rhe end round and step up. Work one more row as in step 9, through the single bead ro : it from sticking out of the rk (figure 11, a-b).

[11; Work in herringbone stitch over the 16 remaining beads for ten rows. [12] Flatten the band and sew each end shut.

Peyote toggle 1 ; Working in flat peyote (Basics), stitch a ten-bead band for ten rows, using Ds as at the start of the herringbone band.

[2] Roll rhe strip into a rube and zip up the ends (photo a). Flatten rhe rube for your closure (photo b).

[3] Anchor a new thread at one end of the bracelet. F.xir ar rhe middle near the edge row. Sew through two beads near the middle of the toggle and then sew back into the bracelet. Sew through a bead or two and repeat several times. :4] To make the loop closure (photo c). anchor a thread and exit at either folded edge. Pick up IS F)s (enough rogo over your toggle) and sew into several beads

at the opposite fold. Repeat to reinforce the loop.


[1] Anchor a thread near the toggle, exiting a few rows from rhe edge. Pick up four color F beads, sew through a bracelet bead and go back through the lasr vine bead. Repeat, branching off ro the left side.

[2] Pick up a leaf and three Fs. Go through the last F on either stalk.

[3] To make a bud, pick up rhrec Es and go through the lasr F on rhe other stalk.

[4; Add beads and leaves as desired. Rcpcar on rhe other end of rhe bracelet, leaving room to add the large flower. [5] Anchor a thread at the loop end. Sew into several beads at the base of the flower and back into rhe braceler, positioning the flower close to the bracelet's edge. Repeat until the flower is securely attached, o

Carole is a renowned instructor from Neir York. Reach her at (212) 682-7474.

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