How to Make Fork Bracelets

How To Make Fork Bracelets and Necklaces

You'll learn everything you need to know! What Forks To Use. Knowing what forks to use is very important. Some forks bend much easier than others and are ideal for fork bracelets. Learn which types are the best. Tools. Having the right tools is crucial if you want to turn out stunning products. Learn what the pros use for getting that perfect bracelet every time! Preparation. Preparing the fork the proper way will make sure that your bracelet has that glimmering, polished look in the end. Maryann goes over her technique for preparing the fork the right way. Bending The Fork. You can fumble around for months trying to figure this part out, or you can let Maryann show you how it's done. Years of experience speak to you to give you the training you need to bend like a pro! Finding The Perfect Stone. Finding the perfect stone or jewel to put into your bracelet is an art in itself. Learn how to get the perfect match between fork and jewel to make them combine into a complete, stunning piece of jewelry! Read more...

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Quick Craft and Simple

From bracelets, to necklaces to rings, we have it all. We provide you Swarovski crystals, beads, pendants and beautiful charms. It's your choice on what you want to make. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift. Nothing is more special than a homemade piece of jewelry.

Super Simple Jewelry Projects

Bring on the projects Here, we pick up the pliers and don't put them down. (Okay, we might put them down, but only so we can pick up another pair as needed.) We organize this part into technique-based chapters. Chapter 3 is dedicated to stringing projects, using different stringing materials, like memory wire, elastic cord, ribbon, and leather. In Chapter 4, we move on to bead crimping, the fastest way to connect findings and terminate strands cleanly and professionally. We use the technique to create everything from basic bracelets and necklaces to a convertible necklace bracelet.

The Many Faces of Jewelry on eBay

For many people, especially Americans, the first thing that pops to mind when they think of jewelry is finished jewelry, especially the kind with diamonds earrings, bracelets, and of course, the diamond engagement ring. Beyond that, most jewelry stores stock some basic gold lockets and chains a standard offering of emerald, sapphire, and ruby rings and pendants your basic birthstone selection and a few strands of white cultured pearls. But in the United States, when it comes to jewelry, diamonds reign supreme.

Making sense of seed beads

You've probably seen the pouches or tubes of tiny colorful glass beads that line at least one wall of your local bead store. These beads, called seed beads, are essential in techniques like bead weaving. Larger seed beads can be strung into standard necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Seed beads have their own set of rules regarding sizing. They have a complicated number system, and after you crack it, you can differentiate these little guys from each other without too much problem.

Head pins and eye pins

These findings are terrific for making dangles of all different sizes. The most common use for head pins and eye pins is making the body of an earring, but many designers use them to create dangles for necklaces and bracelets too. They work in basically the same way, but the base of each is slightly different.

Knotting between beads

Knotting can add a significant amount of extra length to a beaded design, so keep this in mind when you set your beads out on your bead board. Although it's not a major deal when it comes to necklaces, because a longer necklace will still fit you, this is superimportant to consider when making bracelets. String it too long and your bracelet could become an anklet.

The Ins and Outs of Jewelry Buying

This is where your job as an eBay buyer gets tricky. You're beginning to get a feel for the landscape, but when you start to dig a little deeper, you become overwhelmed by the huge discrepancies in what you're seeing. One-carat diamonds priced at 25 , and others selling for 9,000. Strands of cultured pearls or ruby bracelets, marked with retail prices of thousands of dollars, with high bids of three and four dollars apiece. Priceless names such as Tiffany, Cartier, and Bulgari, all selling for rock-bottom prices, while a simple pair of gold earrings is fetching more than a hundred dollars at auction. What's going on here How can these sellers part with jewelry that you'd see in the stores tagged with mind-boggling prices for a few measly bucks Is it all too good to be true

Basic Bead Stringing Techniques

Stringing Magazine Images

You can use basic bead stringing techniques to create single-strand necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, as well as some simple non-jewelry items, like bookmarkers. This chapter describes the bead stringing process from initial layout to finishing a design using your choice of stringing material.

From Antique to Funky Creating Innovative Jewelry

1 Stretchy beaded bracelets Bracelets created without a clasp on a continuous elastic band are extremely popular right now. You can find several bracelets with different bead combinations in Chapter 5 (Project 5-1), Chapter 8 (Project 8-6), and Chapter 9 (Project 9-10). Take a look at Figure 1-4 to see each project. Stretchy bracelets. Stretchy bracelets.

Gemstone Nugget and Beading Wire Knotted Necklace

If you've made any kind of jewelry before, you're probably familiar with beading wire. It's a flexible wire made up of several strands (anywhere from 7 to 49 individual strands) of stainless steel covered in nylon. Most often used in stringing and crimping necklaces and bracelets and the like, this versatile material can also be used in knotting projects, like the necklace featured in Figure 5-14.

Simply Strung Necklace

This necklace is creatcd usin9 the similar techniques os the Traveler's Bracelets. The combination a great lampwork bead set and coordinating Swarovskl crystals makes this necklace a stunning pie The amoving thing Is how cosy If I to assemble. Bv combining unique beads and the principles of proDortion, you will make greot iei elry.

Double Strand Onyx and Cloisonn Bracelet

Multiple-strand jewelry pieces, such as bracelets and necklaces, are more popular than ever, but constructing them can be a little challenging if you want the strands to line up next to each other. Though multiple-strand pieces require a little rethinking when it comes to designing them, a wire jig offers one option for tackling this stringing dilemma. By using the unwrapped-loop technique in different configurations, you can create wire components that secure the strands together, like those in this doublestrand onyx and cloisonn bracelet project (see Figure 7-23).

Pebble and shell charm bracelet

Tutoria Pebbled Bracelet

Although no charm bracelets dating back to the Celtic era survive. I am sure that shells and natural objects would have been made into necklaces and bracelets, as the Celts were very fond of decorating and adorning themselves for ceremonial rituals. This bracelet demonstrates how you can attach un-drilled. semiprecious stones or small pebbles to a chain to create a highly individual bracelet.

Twisted torque bangle

Wire Jig Pattern Book

The most beautiful torque bracelets and neck rings have been recovered from Celtic burial sites. The torque was a badge of rank and power, and classical writers have reported that Queen Boadicea wore a golden neck ring and bangles when she went into battle against the Romans. This technique can be used to make a variety of choker collars, as well as bangles, and beads can be introduced to plug the ends of the wire.

Variation Netting anklet

With all these earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, you still have some other body parts to adorn. Don't forget about your ankles. Stick with some of the larger size 6 seed beads in the color of your choice. Purple or blue would be an excellent color choice for this design. Follow the same instructions as described for the main project, but shorten the strand to about 10 inches in length. Then create beaded scallops using the same method, but weave them around the entire strand rather than just in the center.

Know What to Store Flat and What to Hang

I Storing flat Some jewelry pieces last much longer if they're stored flat because they can stretch. These include bracelets and necklaces strung on mediums such as elastic cord, nylon, or silk. The weight of the beads on the stringing material can, over time, stretch the piece and distort it. So try to find a shallow drawer to store these types of pieces in.

Featuring Stunning Gemstones And Beads

Learn how to make gorgeous rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that showcase a wealth of gemstones. Make an elegant charm bracelet with white, pink, and gray pearls a pair of turquoise earrings that feature intriguing wire loop detail a spectacular necklace that has a dangling blue topaz pendant and so much more. Once you master the basic techniques, you'll be able to design your own pieces with the stones you like best.


A hammer is great tool to use if you work with precious metals. You can create interesting textures by repeatedly striking metal with the two different ends of the hammer. Or you can actually pound a piece of metal around something, like a mandrel (a metal rod) for example, to make rings and cuff bracelets. Look for metal ball-peen hammers with smooth, rounded, or textured heads to make different impressions as you pound.


GLASS PEARLS These imitation pearls are glass beads covered with a pearlescent coating. They are an affordable and effective costume jewelry alternative to natural pearls. SEMIPRECIOUS STONE ROUNDS These perfectly round beads are formed from semiprecious stones. They're made from a wide variety of stones, from jasper to jade. Because of their perfect roundness they're easily sized on the millimeter chart. FACETED STONE B E A D S These highly polished beads are cut from semiprecious stones. A lacework of flat cuts across the front and back of the bead reflects light. Both cushion-shaped jade and round quartz varieties have been used to make earrings and bracelets in this book. CARVED STONE BEADS These intricate beads have also been cut from semiprecious stones, this time to create a specific shape such as flowers or animals. The irregularity of the natural stone makes each of these beads unique. ST0NE CHIPS To make these irregular beads, small pieces of semiprecious stone are drilled...


Ancient Medieval Jewelry

The Roman Slave bracelet is a reminder of the medieval jewelry hand adornments of ancient times. The Roman slave bracelet is a beautiful antiqued pewter slave bracelet. Roman Slave bracelet is adjustable one size fits all. The design of the roman slave bracelet is designed after ancient roman art. All slave bracelets have the same design, just different adoration. They are very popular in Asian countries, mostly in India where girls decorate their hands with these slave bracelets.

By Lauren Andersen

How Make Jump Ring Chain

One day while exhibiting at a jewelry show a customer asked me if I could make her a chain similar to the chain on her husband's leather vest. But she wanted hers to be more feminine. I came up with this design that consists of two chains linked together, with each individual chain consisting of alternating jump ring rosebuds. I made a few bracelets without crystals, but since 1 love crystals, I had to find a way to incorporate them into this bracelet. Floating them down the center of the weave made the most sense. The materials listed are for a 7 bracelet.

By Sharilyn Miller

Magazine editor and popular author Sharilyn Miller shows crafters of all levels how to get in on the popularity of jewelry and beading. Inside Bead on a Wire, you'll find an in-depth section on design and construction techniques that make it easy to get started. You'll love to make the 20 step-by-step bead and wire jewelry projects, including gorgeous earrings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to start making fashionable jewelry that's guaranteed to inspire compliments. ISBN 10 1-58180-650-7, ISBN 13 978-1 -58180-650-2, paperback, 128 pages, 33239

The Zun Cluster

Petit point , or needlepoint , is the term given To a very popular type of Zuni jewel ry made up of groups or clusters of small stones. Zuni clusters are used in all kinds of jewelry - rings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, etc. The smaller the stones, the more valuable the jewelry is considered.

Two Needle Weaving

The No Warps technique is useful for weaving small projects such as bracelets, trims, and pendants. With experience you might do large projects such as tapestries. The actual weaving on this type of loom is clone using basic weaving techniques and methods. Theresa offers workshops on her method and continues to develop the technique.

Duo spiral bracelet

Celtic Norse Step Step Wire Jewelry

These fun, colorful bracelets, made from two tones of wire, can also be made in gold and silver for a more reserved, classic effect. You could also make matching earrings by suspending one or two spiral units from ready-made earwires. Both of these Duo Spiral Bracelets are made from two torus of colored wire purple with dark blue, and pink with pale green. Experiment with your favorite color combinations.


Bead Loom Construction

The No Warps technique is useful for weaving small projects such as bracelets, trims, and pendants. With experience you might do large projects such as tapestries. The actual weaving on this type of loom is done using basic weaving techniques and methods. Theresa offers workshops on her method and continues to develop the technique.


How Make Fork Jewelry

I started making powers for my garden bracelets, she says, and she has continued on the road to learning how to make a Power that is both beautiful and wearable using soda lime glass. She uses hand-pulled stringers, powders, frits, dicro, waxes, etching, and foils to make her handmade glass beads, which reflect her love of nature. You can view more of her work and purchase her beads at

The Silver Band Ring

Tl is one of the simplest bracelets to make and requires only a few tools to complete. It Is attractive and can be worn equally well by both men and women, and is often worn in pairs. It was probably the first type to be set with turquoise and can be set with one or even dozens of stones.

The Story Bracelet

There are innumerable ideas and designs for stories for this type of jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, pendants, buckles and even boxes can be used to tell a story. The overlay story bracelet is a modem concept of an old idea. The rocker en graved and stamped story bracelet was probably introduced into the southwest by the Ktowa-Comanche before 1900. Only a few of these stamped and engraved bracelets were made by both the Navajo and Hopi during the next 50 years. The overlay technique, as developed by the Hopi, is the ideal manner in which to express this interesting idea. Articles depicting a story, or an idea, are now being made in a number of mediums. Some are stamped, or overlaid or intaid with turquoise or other stones or combinations of all. Even gold overlay is being used.


Where Install Curtain Brackets

Bangle bracelets These colorful bracelets designed by polymer clay artist Karen Scudder are fun to make and use very little clay. The clay is worked onto memory wire, a very-strong, coiled wire that snaps back to its original shape when expanded and released. Memory wire bracelets are comfortable to wear and can be casual or formal depending on the clay colors you choose. Make and wear multiple bracelets in a rainbow of colors, or choose colors based on different holidays black and orange for Halloween or candy-cane colors for Christmas.

Copper Jewelry

Brass Bezels, Bead Caps, Blanks, and Morel Vintaj Natural Brass Co. has the quality brass findings you're looking for. Check out their stamping blank connectors, great for bracelets Frames and bezels are useful for pendant projects. Unique brass clasps connect everything together. Bead caps are great for knitted wire or Viking knit. Wholesale only at Retail, please visit the Web site for sellers near you. or go to Look no further if you need classic vintage findings, beads, and components, AD Adornments has vintage necklaces belts, coin bracelets, ultra-thin sterling clasps, filigree flowers, vintage spacers and love knots, textured beads, tassles, toggles, end caps, knitted mesh both flat and round, and novelty vintage chains, www., (773 338-3818 Artists Fran Cey and Judy Solomon from Class Act Designs design these special hand-dyed silk ties just for you. Siiks set off charms, pendants, precious and semi-precious stones and beads...


Clasps arc the devices thai let uu open or close ncckluces ami bracelets. They're sol in dozens ot styles and types . Some, such as lobsrcr-claw clasps, have moving parts thai allow ou to shut the clasp over the attaching ring or chain on the piece's opposite end. Others, such as toggle clasps and hook clasps, simply open and close l v slipping the finding through the ring or over a loop.

Bead Knotting

In this chapter, you spend some time working with the noble knot and putting the different varieties to use in stylish ways. You work with overhand knots, figure-eight knots, and lark's head knots, just to name a few, to craft earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and bookmarks. And we show you ways to include knots in different styles of jewelry designs.

Crimp Beads

Another way to finish the ends of beaded jewelry pieces, such as bracelets and necklaces, is by using a crimp bead (pictured in Figure 6.5). Crimp beads are actually beads in that they have a hole through them. However, their purpose is very different from your average ornamental bead they are used on the end of stringing medium to secure the beads in place. Later in this chapter I give step-by-step instructions on how to use crimp beads, but for now, the important tip to remember about crimp beads (just as I've said about other jewelry findings) is to stick with either silver or gold-filled crimp beads. In particular, you want to look for crimp beads that are tube-shaped rather than round, and normally, the round crimp beads are made of base metal any way, so that makes it pretty easy to distinguish them.

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